Pink phishing lure

Are You Ready to Go Phishing?

Phishing and spear-phishing emails are an ever-present problem to businesses, and the criminals are only getting better at fooling people. Understanding and being able to spot phishing and spear-phishing emails is a vital part of employee training at Anderson Technologies. But reading about how to spot them and actually spotting emails are different things.

Worse yet, the phishing websites those email links go to often appear legitimate, right down to having the secure lock icon in the browser. In their 2018 1st Quarter Report, the Anti-Phishing Working Group notes that “more than a third of phishing attacks [reported to them] were hosted on web sites that had HTTPS and SSL certificates.” They attribute this in part to the fact that consumers believe they can trust all HTTPS sites, or they at least recognize a site without encryption asking for personal or financial information is not secure.

It’s vital to know whether your email is a legitimate business interest or a scam hoping to trap you, but how confident are you to do so? Take our quiz to see if you can tell the difference between a legitimate email and a fake one.

Are you an expert phisherman or just the phish taking the bait?


Hopefully you were an expert phisherman, but if not, it’s not too late to brush up on some basics.

  • Know what you’ve ordered and who your vendors are. If you didn’t order anything from the person, don’t trust their emails.
  • Always check the sender’s address before clicking on links or attachments, even if it looks like a company you trust.
  • Read the email completely before clicking links. Poor grammar or obvious spelling/branding mistakes are key signs of phishing emails.
  • If you’re unsure if an email is really from a company you trust, go to their website manually, not through a link provided in the email. If it’s real, you can look up the information through your account, and if not, you’ve just protected yourself.
  • Don’t panic! Urgent calls for action to avoid loss of service or legal action are meant to upset you. Don’t let them. Read everything carefully and verify there’s a problem by using the service mentioned or calling the company using the number on their website, not in the email.
  • If all else fails, Google it. These emails are widespread and a quick Google search will most likely bring up a hundred different people receiving the same fraudulent email.

If you’d like a refresher course on e-mail safety, contact Anderson Technologies to schedule an employee cyber security training seminar. Reach us by email at or by phone at 314.394.3001.

Seven Core Values: The Building Blocks of Anderson Technologies

We strive to be the best in every area of our niche, and that includes our company’s values. Just as your company’s values are important to us, we know that ours are important to you.

Foundationally, these seven core values express the heart of our company, and they guide our team members both in the office and out working with our clients.


Be truthful and demonstrate strong moral principles. Act honestly, lawfully, and honorably. Hold yourself to the highest ethical standards. Accept responsibility for your decisions and actions.


Exhibit compassion for others by recognizing each person’s views and values in all communication. Be mindful of your interactions and treat everyone as you wish to be treated. Endeavor to provide honest feedback; share opportunities for improvement and give praise when deserved.


Show commitment to your work and persistence to see all tasks to the highest standard of completion. Strive for excellence. Apply due diligence and resolve to deliver results that clients appreciate and value. Move quickly past failures and learn from mistakes. Take pride in and ownership for all you create.


Work together with colleagues to produce unsurpassed results. Assist in helping everyone engage to the best of their ability. Communicate openly and seek to contribute your value in a way that benefits the entire solution. Foster a collaborative environment with a shared sense of purpose.


Strive to be trustworthy and reliable. Demonstrate you can be counted on when needed – whether internally or externally – to assist in achieving goals and delivering solutions.


Assess and initiate tasks when opportunities arise. Adapt to spontaneous situations with an eagerness to rise to the occasion and master new challenges. Look for ways to improve processes and develop skills.

Client Focus

Identify each client’s needs, principles, and insights – not just for the work at hand but also for the ways these elements help achieve overall business goals. Appreciate each client’s nuances and apply your knowledge to enable a rewarding partnership. Strive to meet clients’ needs with service and solutions that exceed their expectations.


Core values are the building blocks of Anderson Technologies, and they help us provide you with unparalleled service. For more information about how our core values can make a positive impact on your small business, call 314.394.3001 or email us