St. Louis Computer Expert Luke Bragg

Meet Luke Bragg: A St. Louis Computer Expert Joins Our Team

Anderson Technologies is proud to announce that Luke Bragg has joined the company as a Senior Systems Administrator to serve our clients’ growing needs. “Luke is a perfect addition to our team!” Company principal Mark Anderson shares, “He comes to us with almost nine years of systems administration experience managing computer infrastructure in a wide variety of corporate end-user environments. Our clients will be able to immediately benefit from his experience and broad knowledge base. Luke’s government security clearance speaks to his commitment to maintain the highest-level security standards. We also appreciate his CompTIA Security+ industry certification.”

Luke has worked for a wide variety of companies like Empire District Electric Company, Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas, and most recently Tapestry Solutions (a subsidiary of Boeing) in areas that required a focus on computer system architecture as well as very high-level technological expertise. Luke also understands the intricacies of system-wide solutions to protect against a host of security threats, including viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. He’s right at home managing large computer networks, installing and administering over 100 servers and deploying over 1,000 virtual desktops in one environment.

Company principal Amy Anderson says, “We’re very selective about the people we work with, and Luke’s background makes him a perfect addition to our top-notch team. He’s technically outstanding, has a very personable manner and a high sense of integrity, all of which align with our company. Luke is the kind of expert I would trust with my own computer, and that’s what we were looking to add for our clients.”

Luke is enthusiastic about working with clients one-on-one and values that interaction. He explains, “I love the vision of Anderson Technologies’ personalized service and ‘take-the-time-to-do-it-right’ mentality. As a systems administrator, you wear many hats, and I’m excited to know I will be making a real difference in the lives and businesses of our clients.” Luke is immediately available to work with all clients, getting them properly set up with our proprietary Managed Tech Services, installing system upgrades, and increasing security protection to keep client data from being compromised.

Luke lives in Swansea, Illinois with his children and wife, Amy, who teaches first and second grade. They have three children, James (11), Lucas and Logan (7 year old twins!) who keep them very active. Luke also enjoys singing in his church.

Congratulations Luke, and welcome to the team!


St. Louis Computer Company Takes A Christmas Holiday

Anderson Technologies offices will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

This St. Louis Computer company hopes everyone has a great holiday.  We’ll be back next week to take care of all your IT needs!

Managed Tech Services and Dog Hair

Managed Tech Services and Dog Hair

Dogs haven’t changed in the last 20 years… But technology has.

Country Acres Pet Resort owner Greg Thompson has a complex business with simple computing needs.

“Our 11,000 square foot resort and grooming facilities are spread out over three buildings with network cables running underground. Our server and computer workstations experience the normal wear and tear of small business life,” he explains. Plus, he says, “There’s lots of hair in this environment!”

The facility provides a loving home-away-from-home for animals every day of the year so Greg relies on Anderson Technologies’ Managed Tech Services (Citadel) to keep his computer infrastructure running smoothly all the time. The network is kept secure by a hardware firewall, all computers patched against outside threats, critical business data backed up, and proprietary kennel software updated regularly to run the resort.

Country Acres’ experienced staff uses their computer systems to help give each pet warm, loving, and expert care on a reliable basis. If a computer was to experience a problem or to go down, it would have a direct impact on the business’ ability to provide needed services on a timely basis. Greg counts on Anderson Technologies to foresee upcoming issues and ensure they are always up and running.

One of Greg’s main concerns is software upgrades. “My needs don’t really change that often, but the tech world does. For example, QuickBooks™ requires that I upgrade every three years. Whenever I get a message to upgrade any of my major software resources, I call Anderson Technologies. They make sure I’m always up to date with server and workstation security patches, operating systems updates, anti-malware/spyware, and the kennel software programs critical to my business. I have trusted Anderson Technologies as my IT professional service provider for over 15 years. They are honest, highly skilled, detail oriented, and they actually care about how your system works. I trust them 100% and working with them gives me ultimate peace of mind for my technology needs.”

Learn more about Anderson Technologies’ Managed Tech Services at and Country Acres Pet Resort at



Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you a joyous and happy Thanksgiving.

We’re so grateful for each and every one of our customers and feel privileged to work with you throughout the year.

Wishing you and yours bounty and blessings this holiday season from everyone here at Anderson Technologies!

Network & Computer Audit for a Small Organization

“We feel like the luckiest clients in the world to have the technology back-up that we have with Anderson Technologies,” says Annie McCauley, Executive Director of Peace Haven, a small, non-profit Christian Science nursing facility.

When Anderson Technologies first became Peace Haven’s information technology (IT) advisors, the non-profit was at wit’s end with its technology. Through the proprietary Network & Computer Audit process performed for each new client, Anderson Technologies thoroughly reviewed all of Peace Haven’s needs and introduced systems to help their business run more smoothly almost immediately.

What is a Network & Computer Audit?

It begins with a comprehensive discovery phase to identify faults and weaknesses and learn exactly what a network requires to become stable and efficient.  The Network & Computer Audit involves a detailed evaluation of all network components – from servers and workstations to firewalls, routers, and wireless access points. Each device must reliably fulfill a specific business need.

Annie says, “We limped along until Anderson Technologies was able to help, and we’re deeply grateful because they brought us into the next century. . . . Mark was able to help us with wireless [internet], lay computer lines, and get computers set up . . . with the programs we needed—everything from A to Z.

“[Anderson Technologies] basically set up every computer to create consistency with programs, system recovery, [anti-malware] scanning, memory disks, and setting up the whole system for that.  They also did a network map for us, which includes wireless access points, jacks, and ports, so now we have a map of where everything is!”

Peace Haven originally thought they needed to spend $20K-$30K for new server infrastructure. Instead, Anderson Technologies was able to recommend a much less expensive cloud-based option that serves the same purpose on a much more manageable scale.

As a small non-profit, Peace Haven’s budget is carefully allocated to the most pressing needs. They were thrilled to find a cost-effective IT solution that freed up their budget for other important projects. Through Anderson Technologies, Peace Haven found how cost efficient IT can be.

Do you want to stabilize your infrastructure so you can focus on your top priority needs?

Give us a call at 314.394.3001!


Concierge Computer Services: The Solution to “I Love New but Hate Change”

The dichotomy between computers and human behavior defies logic. Everyone wants the fastest CPU and the latest and greatest apps, but adjusting to something new is often disconcerting. We like knowing where everything is on our desktop and having our settings “just so.” While we get excited about upgrades and the prospect of “newer,” “faster” and “better,” we do not like the process of upgrading because it often wipes out our customized settings and account information. Even in a program suite as familiar as Microsoft Office, new software versions introduce seemingly minor features that make everything feel foreign.

The solution? Anderson Technologies’ Concierge Computer Services.

This service is for clients who want to implement new technology with the least impact and keep everything as close to “the same” as possible. It’s the utmost in customer care – a labor-intensive service eliminating the frustrations typically associated with an upgrade.

One of our longstanding non-profit clients recently purchased new computers for every employee in their organization. Their existing systems’ useful life had been extended for as long as possible (see related article I Need More Speed!), necessitating an upgrade. We provided them with additional services outside of our standard Managed Services package. In addition to standard new computer setup and configuration,we downloaded, installed, and customized all third-party software (several hundred apps in total); promoted local-user accounts; mapped network drives; personalized individual user environments; restored all internet browser favorites and settings; relinked email accounts; and reestablished all cloud, printer, and remote connectivity connections.

Mark Anderson explains, “Our goal was to provide each employee with a new computer platform that is so similarly configured to their original machine, the only thing they notice from the transition is how much faster everything runs.”

The client is thrilled with the new computers and  with the service provided by Anderson Technologies. The company did not want their employees struggling for weeks to get their computers back to “normal.” They saw this as an investment in employee productivity that created a seamless computing environment.Their Executive Director recently said, “They have very high standards. When you’ve worked with others that don’t seem to maintain those high standards, you know the difference. With Anderson Technologies, you’re buying technological peace of mind.”

If you are ready for an upgrade, contact us at 314.394.3001 or


I Need More Speed! Can Managed Services Help?

We are an impatient nation.

Advances in technology and our fast-paced lives have changed us permanently. When we see the spinning wheel or hourglass icon telling us the computer is busy, we sigh, we growl, we consider smashing the computer against a wall. Who has time to wait more than a few seconds for something to load on the computer?

Before you rush off to spend thousands on newer, faster computers, consider these four things Anderson Technologies Managed Services can do to optimize your current computer’s performance:

 DeleteTemporary Internet Files and Clear Your Browser’s Cache

When you visit different sites, pieces of data get written to your computer to optimize performance or track your browsing activity. When you move from site to site, a little trail of data “crumbs” gets left behind, which uses space on your hard drive. Clearing out these temporary files can speed up your computing times.

 Defragment Your Drive

When your computer writes data to its disk, pieces of information that ideally should be grouped together often get separated or “fragmented.” This causes the CPU to take a longer time to find and knit together all the fragments of information needed for a particular task. The older the system, the more dramatically fragmentation impacts the computer’s overall performance. Defragmenting your drive reorders segments to improve computing times.

 Delete Unneeded Files and Applications

The longer we own our computers, the more “stuff” we put on it. The more data you have on your hard drive, the longer it takes for your computer to find what you need to access. Do you really need all those rough drafts of your reports and presentations? What about your unused applications? Delete them if you can! In addition, an Anderson Technologies Managed Tech Services plan can help clients regularly clear out redundant files that get created during the course of normal computer operations.

 Consider Adding RAM

How much memory does your computer currently have? How much could it have? Adding additional memory is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your computer. The process involves specifying, ordering, and installing new RAM sticks to your computer. Please note: Unless properly trained, you should not perform this yourself as there is potential for harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can ruin your computer’s motherboard or other components if not installed properly! Computer professionals use ESD straps to ensure the safety and integrity of your computer throughout this type of upgrade.

If your computers need to last another year and you are frustrated with slow run times, let the experts at Anderson Technologies help. Give us a call at 314.394.3001, and have our Managed Tech Services specialists breathe new life into your systems!