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That's the percentage of remote clients who remain with Anderson Technologies each year.

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Expect More from Your IT Partner

Are you frustrated with finding a trusted and responsive IT partner in your area? Whether you’re located in Lakeland, Florida, or St. Louis, Missouri, cyberattacks are on the rise and more likely than ever to hit small- and medium-sized businesses.

If you’re dealing with an overwhelmed in-house IT team or a slow-to-respond outsourced provider who isn’t delivering on their promises, your business can’t afford to be caught without essential defenses in place. Trying to cope with break/fix IT means core vulnerabilities may never be addressed.

The choice becomes one of internal vs. outsourced. A managed services IT provider (MSP) offers a diversified team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost. If you only need to support your existing IT team, co-managed services with Anderson Technologies combines your internal IT team with our library of tools, monitoring, education, and years of experience.

The experts at Anderson Technologies aren’t limited by physical proximity in their endless efforts to keep your business up and running securely, and they want to help you find an IT solution that works.

One of our concerns in the beginning was not having someone that was local. We all know that technology can be done remotely, but when you talk about setting up hardware, there’s an argument to be made that using a local firm can be an advantage. But Anderson Technologies has been great. We had a couple situations where it required Anderson Technologies sending experts to our office to set things up, and they really did a great job.” – M.M., Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization, Pennsylvania

Prepare for Disaster… And Recover

An IT provider who doesn’t answer the phone can’t be expected to show up when disaster strikes. In Lakeland, Florida, there’s no ignoring disastrous weather, especially when you own a business. Just as physical locations can be protected, so can technology and data. When you partner with a team focused on maintaining data security, you can rest easy even in the most stressful of weather, knowing your information—the core of your business—is out of danger.

When faced with a hurricane or a ransomware attack, the proper groundwork in place can quickly get your business back online and fully functional.