Creative IT Solutions for Your Business

Got a special project that needs customized software or a more intricate software development solution? Great! We love problem-solving and take a creative, solutions-oriented approach to every project. Our team of experts has worked on large, multi-million dollar systems that leverage enterprise-level technologies as well as smaller, more simplistic tech projects. Each custom software development project is thoroughly thought out and methodically developed to give you the right solution for your individual needs.

We start by making sure we thoroughly understand your needs and then map out a plan to give you the solution best suited for you.  We care about excellence in the upfront strategic thinking process as well as flawless execution all the way through the project to make sure you are delighted with the end product.  We care about amazing user experience and work to ensure 100% satisfaction.

In addition to our technological expertise, we are accustomed to working on digital forensic tasks and other highly confidential projects that require the utmost discretion. You can trust that, from start to finish, your project will be held in confidence and handled with the utmost care.

Got a special project that needs proprietary programming, sensitive data handling or custom-engineered software? Click the button below to talk with us today!

  • Custom Software Development

    Need an iPhone app? Or customized software to help you manage the data that is particular to your industry and your business? Let us help! Our St. Louis software development team has the know-how to develop software programs that are modern, elegant, and, most importantly, designed specifically for you.

  • Technical Project Management

    Know what you want but not sure how to make it happen? Turn your vision into a reality with Anderson Technologies. We’ll pull together the right team of software development professionals to meet whatever IT challenges you face.

  • Web Application Services

    Our clients call us when they have a web application services need that can’t be met by today’s off-the-shelf software development solutions. Whether you need to manage a large collection of data, create a useful search engine for your website or develop some as-yet-unheard-of web app, give us a call and put our custom software development experts to work for you!

  • Custom Engineered Solutions

    Sometimes you need an expert to knit together hardware and software solutions custom-engineered to help get a specific job done.  Our team of experts look at old problems in new ways to develop enlightened solutions just for you. Whether it’s a software development challenge or a vexing hardware problem, we have experts ready to come up with exactly the right answer for you.


As former Director of Product Development for a national network service provider, I contracted with Anderson Technologies to provide IT resources to aid in the development of our marquee network management product.  I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of both the IT staff and the company.  I would highly recommend their services to any business that is looking to outsource their IT services.

T.G.Vice President, Software Development, Technology Firm

The technical professionals at Anderson Technologies I have had the opportunity to work with over the last three years have been outstanding.  As a manager of a large, mission critical project, I contracted [Anderson Technologies] beginning in 1994.  They provided much needed systems administration expertise toward the development implementation and support of this multi-million dollar application that received “best in class” recognition within the industry.  In addition to the technical contribution to our firm, their integrity, professional, amiable style and terrific sense of humor made them an integral part of our high performance team.

G.W.Vice President, Systems Manager, Telephony Firm