Don’t Showcase Secrets on Zoom

What are you sharing on Zoom or Social media?

After a year of video conferencing, we’ve all heard the horror stories. From video filters you can’t turn off to having private conversations when you’re not muted to unintentionally flashing everyone in a work meeting, the tales are usually embarrassing and often a funny story for all involved when it’s over. While these video failures […]

Byte-Size Tech: Working from Home with a VPN?

Are you working from home with a VPN?

… What Could Go Wrong? Mark Anderson and Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies take a moment to explain how a popular work-from-home set-up might not be providing the security you want. If you’re re-evaluating your remote work set-up, or considering a hybrid work (part time at home) model, it is important to dig into the […]

Byte-Size Tech: Make Big Changes with IT In Mind

Make business changes with IT in mind

Amy Anderson and Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies take a managed IT services provider approach to big changes. In light of the tumultuous last year, many businesses are facing an office move, remote work, or rightsizing operations. If you are too, be sure to plan with your IT needs in mind. The best way to […]

Byte-Size Tech: Insure Against Tech Disaster

Can you truly insure against technological disaster in business?

Anderson Technologies’ Junior Systems Administrator Quentin Topping sits down with Libby Powers to talk about the little things a managed IT services provider does every day to protect from big disasters. Sometimes, things like insurance and maintenance can seem useless, but insuring your business against potential disaster is something you’ll wish you’d done before the […]

Byte-Size Tech: Don’t Get Zoom-Bombed!

Don't get Zoom Bombed at your next meeting

Mark Anderson and Libby Powers chat about Zoom best practices and share the story of a client who recently got Zoom-bombed after posting the details of their call publicly. Zoom has some security features baked in, but be sure to toggle them and use the tips Mark and Libby share to ensure you have the […]

Learn: How to Maintain a Secure Work from Home Environment

remote worker on a video call

Learn How to Stay Secure While Working From Home Some important reminders and guidelines to follow for any business focused on IT security, but our guide on maintaining a secure work environment from home is especially prescient for those seeking flexible options for their employees!

MFA – An Extra Layer of Digital Protection [Updated for 2020]

Dog on a laptop

What do logging into Netflix from a new device, updating your PayPal account information, answering questions about your first car before accessing your iTunes account, and withdrawing money at an ATM all have in common? Authentication! The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) creates guidelines for passwords and the software that requires them, which […]

The Ultimate Guide to Secure Remote Work [Updated for 2020]

The ultimate guide to secure remote work and telework

With the coronavirus in the news, more businesses than ever are considering whether telework is a viable option for their company and employees. But with new cyber threats and data breaches constantly reported, business owners have to ask themselves, How do I maintain my cyber security when my employees work remotely? Whether you have one […]

Robots? Working with Me? It’s More Likely Than You Think

How can AI aide your business function?

Remember Roomba? Maybe you have one, zipping around your home, getting caught under furniture and amidst wires. That seemingly simple machine, armed with programming and dust-sucking, became seamlessly integrated in the lives of millions. But even at the height of the Roomba revolution, there wasn’t a lot of talk about smart vacuums stealing our jobs […]