Taking Your Nonprofit to the Cloud!

Looking for cloud services? How do you know what is the right fit?

As a nonprofit, you are frequently responsible for doing more with less. Saving time, money, and effort is essential to maintaining and expanding your reach with limited manpower and funding. One of the most accessible ways to do that is through the technology department. In part one of our series for nonprofit organizations, we discussed […]

4 Strategies for Boosting Your Nonprofit’s Online Presence

Build the social media landscape that reflects your nonprofit

The world of technology and the internet can look very different from a nonprofit organization’s perspective. With a board of directors, budgets, and often limited personnel, properly vetting and implementing new technology can be a daunting task. In the first of our series of blog posts focused on technology and nonprofit organizations, we take a […]

Cyber Symphony: Singing IT Praises

IT Client Success Story

Everyday reliability keeps your business running smoothly. But sometimes situations arise that require an extra layer of dependability. When an important client is visiting or you’re preparing for a major event, the last thing you want to see is the “No Internet Connection” notification at the bottom of your computer. A downed server, network, or […]

A Dynamic Network for a Dynamic Place: IT Support for a St. Louis Nonprofit

IT Client Success Story

Every system your business uses needs tweaking over time. Employees come and go, technology advances, and you may find yourself facing unexpected issues as you balance your business’s vision with the changing technological tides. Such was the case for a residential retirement community in St. Louis and one of our managed services clients since January […]