Save Yourself a Call: 5 Common Helpdesk Issues and How to Fix Them (Updated)

Sometimes a little troubleshooting can save yourself a call

There’s no getting around it: some people just aren’t tech-savvy. We’ve all met (or been) that person in the workplace who just isn’t “good with computers” when everything isn’t working as it should. Those feelings are valid! Technology changes frequently, and that’s far faster than most people can keep up with. Your managed services provider […]

The Consequences of Free

Free apps are never truly free

What’s easier than downloading a convenient app or joining another social media site when the price is listed as free? We’ve all done it and likely enjoyed the app. But nothing is truly free. If you can’t tell where an app is getting its revenue from, then you’re probably the product they’re selling. Free apps […]

Your Bell Bottoms Came Back. Your Tech Won’t

Are you still using tech that is older than your wardrobe? As technology changes at an ever-more-rapid pace, what legacy pieces linger on your network? It’s safe to say that just about every aspect of business is affected by the way technology has changed over the years. Even the least “plugged-in” people now communicate over VoIP phones, access the web over Wi-Fi, and send email […]

Buying Pre-Owned Computers with Used Software: Know Before You Buy

Should You Purchase Used Software?

Buying a used computer can seem extremely cost effective. However, it’s helpful to know what problems may arise. Used computers often come with preloaded software, a tempting way to save money and time. Some programs have non-transferrable licensing agreements that place you in breach of contract situations when they run secondhand. Before buying a used […]