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Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to do whatever it takes to help your business grow.

For over 25 years, Anderson Technologies has leveraged its strengths for the benefit of its clients, pulling together the right team for every project.

Mark and Amy Anderson

Meet the Founding Principals

Mark is an IT Strategist and loves digging into technical challenges—the thornier the better. Clients are initially drawn to Mark because of his expertise across a wide variety of computer infrastructure. They soon come to love and appreciate his patience, his desire to implement the best and most cost-effective solutions for any given opportunity, and his eternal equanimity no matter what computer crisis presents itself.

Amy started her professional career as a software engineer in the Avionics Laboratory at McDonnell Douglas and later worked for Southwestern Bell, ultimately leading a software project for their largest customer at the time—the state government of Texas. In 1995, Mark and Amy started Anderson Technologies. Today, Amy likes to look at the big picture and work on the business instead of in it. Together with Mark, she is the other driving force in creating a company culture of honesty, integrity, discretion, and excellence their clients recognize and value.

Meet Our Managing Principal

Farica Chang joined Anderson Technologies in 2008 immediately after graduating with honors from UCLA. Starting as a part-time contractor, Farica became a Project Manager within months and officially became Director of the company in 2014, managing the entire team while concurrently leading projects of varying scope and size.  She was welcomed as a partner in 2018 and holds certifications in Cybersecurity and Computer Science from MIT and Harvard. 

Farica finds herself continually fascinated by the ever-changing world of technology and the challenge of crafting processes to deliver services in ways that exceed expectations. Her dedication to her team creates a culture of care, loyalty, optimism, and initiative that radiates from the core of everything the company offers – whether that is outstanding IT support, project consulting, or strategic technology opportunities. 

Farica Chang

Get Ready for Enlightened Solutions

At Anderson Technologies, you get enlightened solutions that marshal a world of technological resources to assist in achieving your business goals. This enables you to do what you do best—without worrying about technological glitches, problems, or issues. Whether you need monitoring, maintenance, or custom applications, Anderson Technologies has the right team of personable, professional experts for you. We can architect your computer systems, monitor and maintain them, and keep your network, data, and technological assets running smoothly and securely.

Plus, we have the joy of working alongside our office beagle, Mochi.* She keeps us on task and always knows when it’s time for lunch.  

*After almost 14 wonderful years, Mochi passed on, but she lives in our hearts and minds every day, especially when someone accidentally drops food in the office.

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