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Give Your Clients Peace of Mind
That Their Data Is Secure

Cybersecurity Support You Can Trust

Your business depends on the satisfaction and trust of your customers. Anderson Technologies provides IT support for online and mobile financial services, making your customers’ transactions secure and worry-free. Integration of cloud-based data systems and customer relationship management software enriches the lines of communication between you and your customers, allowing you to provide them with the best financial services.

Because changing industry regulations may require you to quickly alter your systems and financial service platforms; our onsite and remote support with knowledgeable IT consulting experts, can help keep you SEC compliant to assure the safety of your financial decisions.

IT support for financial services

An IT Assessment Can
Help You Identify Risks

Your organization is too valuable to not have modern IT systems to keep it safe and make it scalable. An Anderson Technologies IT Assessment will identify where you are the most vulnerable and recommend the areas to address first, affording you the most protection and peace of mind.

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Cybersecurity is critical to the vitality of your company. New ransomware attacks are being reported left and right, but Anderson Technologies’ premier financial services IT consulting will architect a secure digital fortress to protect your data from external threats. Safeguarding your software, hardware, networks, and data is paramount to the IT support we provide for financial services professionals.

In case something unexpected happens, Anderson Technologies will also help create a disaster recovery plan to prevent a total loss of your systems, networks, and data. Part of our IT support for financial services includes file and site-level recovery in case of local, natural, or technological disasters. Cloud-based, offsite, and external backup software—along with onsite and remote damage control from our experienced IT experts—will help your business recover from the toughest scenarios and return to normal operations as soon as possible.

The financial services and wealth management industry’s top concern is security of data, systems, and funds. It’s part of why your customers return to you year after year. Those concerns and strengths are similarly mirrored here at Anderson Technologies, which is what makes us a great partner for your company and a leading presence in IT support among financial services companies.

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What One Client Has to Say

“Transitioning IT firms can feel like a daunting project, but Anderson made it feel seamless. They worked directly with our prior IT firm and provided very organized steps along the way to make sure everything transitioned with no interruption. Our staff was not impacted or even aware that the transition occurred until after it was completed, and they received contact information for the new support team.”

– K. W., CAO/CCO, Wealth Management Firm 

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Vulnerability Scanning

Identify Network Strengths and Weaknesses

Comprehensive assessment of your internal and external network environments to measure and test your security efforts. Our team identifies flaws in your applications, networks, and data infrastructure, then we recommend methods of remediation to fortify any vulnerabilities.

Data Backup Solutions

Ensure Compliant and Continuous Operations

Lack of reliable backups can leave a business vulnerable to financial loss, downtime, and legal liability. Fortify your business with a business continuity and disaster recovery plan developed with our experts, whether your team works onsite or in the cloud.

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Work From Anywhere Remote Security Package

Deploy Your Remote Workforce with Confidence

Securing a remote workforce has never been easier, but making sure every endpoint stays secure on the go requires specific implementation and monitoring. Let our team examine your environment and fine-tune access controls, web traffic, content filtering, mobile device management, MFA, and encryption.

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