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Technology and cybersecurity can be intimidating and complex. Do you have the time and energy to truly understand it all? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time growing your business?

If you’re going to invest in a technology partnership, you deserve an ally who will communicate with you honestly and clearly – without intimidation through tech jargon. Your partner should advise you by always sitting on your side of the table as a trusted advocate for your business.

At Anderson Technologies, we don’t lose sleep over the success of our company, we lose sleep over the success of yours. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; we customize an IT strategy tailored for your business needs.

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Why Use a Managed IT Services Provider?

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Above all, an IT managed services provider must be trustworthy.

When looking for the ideal match for your business, carefully research your options. Sign on with an MSP who understands the vision for your company and will help make it the best it can be. Good managed IT services and support brings ongoing technology research, tools, new software and solutions, and awareness of emerging threats and obsolescence issues.

One of the first things an MSP should do for their prospective clients is conduct a complete security audit of their business network. This includes inspections and tests of network hardware, backup systems, software, firewalls, and more. While the biggest concerns are addressed, they maintain your security in the background by using remote monitoring and management software (RMM) and professional services automation platforms (PSA) to stay ahead of attacks and implement updates as soon as possible.

The right MSP will save you money in the long run.

With new, better technology and managed services, your company will save money through greater uptime, more efficient employees, a more secure network, and avoiding the costs associated with a potential ransomware attack and data breach. MSPs also have access to software options that individual companies might not be able to consider. Many MSPs also allow you to pay only for what you need. 

While many IT issues can be resolved remotely, a good MSP is always ready to hit the ground running and assist in any possible way. An MSP gives you a proactive defense against cyberthreats. Ransomware? Malware? Threats like these require IT experts who stay one step ahead and are ready to act when disaster strikes.

The best way to defend against cybersecurity disasters is to maintain regular backups of your server and files. Inevitably, issues arise, but with reliable backups, an MSP can get your company back up and running quickly.

Your cybersecurity education should be top priority.

People occasionally make mistakes. One day, an employee may be rushing to sort through emails, see one that appears to be from a trusted client, and will click on the link inside, accidentally downloading malware. Training from an MSP could save you from a cyber attack.

It’s not just phishing to worry about. As hacking software becomes more sophisticated, passwords must adjust to remain secure. An MSP can help implement a solid password policy. Your cybersecurity education should be top priority.

Co-Managed IT Services

Your IT team will love you for it!

Allow your internal IT team to accomplish more by augmenting specific elements to a trusted partner. Bringing in an MSP to supplement your internal IT team allows your organization to fill skill gaps and ensure full IT coverage in both service and skillset. Without the correct support, your current IT team can suffer as well. Co-Managed IT support creates a partnership between your internal IT team and Anderson Technologies, allowing you to tackle strategic IT projects.

A Remote IT Solution
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Does your IT department suffer from:

Internal IT teams must work on a variety of IT issues. Your in-house team should handle the day-to-day technical hiccups of the business. This can mean that while all of the basics are handled, the IT team lacks in-depth expertise in specific areas, such as networks, cybersecurity, and infrastructure, that a larger staff can offer.


An MSP brings a wide array of professional IT staff with different specialties and backgrounds who are ready to handle whatever your business needs.

When your entire IT department consists of one person, you have no IT department whenever they take time off or leave the company. Even if you have an IT team of multiple employees, the loss of one person for a day/week/forever can dramatically interfere with your IT team’s ability to handle the normal workload or emergency situations.


An MSP ensures your IT support remains covered even if you lose an IT team member.

A small IT team often comes with a small budget as well. This can mean that enterprise-grade IT tools are too expensive to purchase on your own, and some essential resources can only be purchased in bulk. What is affordable to a small IT team may not be enough to keep your business secure and well-maintained for the long-term, which could leave you lacking the correct tools to keep your business safe and could cost you more time or money down the road.


An MSP brings with it the best software and monitoring services that you might not be able to purchase on your own.

If an internal staff is dealing with one-off help desk issues, such as printer problems or forgotten passwords, they don’t always have time to work on the essential maintenance of IT systems or perform larger improvements to secure and upgrade your IT infrastructure. This could leave you unprotected to outside attacks or perpetually dealing with smaller computer issues instead of focusing on the big picture. It can also leave your staff stressed and scrambling to try and get everything done.


Your IT team can help your employees while an MSP maintains your network, security, and the continuous IT operations that keep your business running.

Client Insights, Quotes,
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Empowering Our Clients To Do Great Things

Open Quote

When we started this service with Anderson [Technologies], they came up with some options for us. They helped us to identify our requirements. They did a quick assessment to see what kind of files our company works with, and they helped us to identify the best solution to implement. This was our big challenge in 2023, and this worked very well. We are getting good feedback.”

– R.L., Operations Manager, Engineering Firm

Full-Service Desk Support

Elevate Your Systems and Ease User Stress

Aging network infrastructure causes downtime, latency, outages, frustration, and difficulties serving your clients. Develop and execute a customized network infrastructure upgrade plan with our team, all within your budget and timeline, and we’ll configure your new system for maximum performance.

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Network Security Audit Managed IT Services

Next-Gen AV 24 Hour SOC

Vigilant Monitoring for Continuous Security

Map your entire network environment and deploy enterprise-grade agent for each endpoint to monitor for suspicious or malicious activity, ensuring continuous protection and compliance. Our team tests the effectiveness of agent alerts and mitigation, while also configuring rules and permissions. Client dashboards allow you to see the full scope of your security posture in a single window.

Password Management

Never Forget a Password Again

Every organization is one lost credential away from a major breach, so our team sets yours up with a password manager that will standardize your business’s password hygiene. Rather than memorizing multiple passwords and potentially letting cybersecurity slip, one vault holds all your account credentials and protects sensitive data with segmented access.

Password Safety Cyber Security
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Email Hardening

Bolster Communications Against Malware and Spam

Safeguard every client, vendor, or internal line of communication and eliminate threats before they ever reach your network. Our team configures security rules and best practices to protect your email environment, alongside robust user training and security testing.

Zero Trust VPN

Bring Office-Level Cybersecurity with You Anywhere

Start-to-finish implementation of an enterprise-grade VPN solution, customized to your business’s needs and use cases. Remote users can confidently work from anywhere knowing our team has deployed the appropriate licenses, access controls, and user training.

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IT Assessment

A Snapshot of Your Security Hygiene

Get a complete overview of your existing infrastructure, security, managed support and services, telecommunications, and compliance. We perform a top-to-bottom examination of the status of your technology security and how to improve to meet your future goals.

A Free IT Assessment Can
Help You Identify Risks

Your organization is too valuable to not have modern IT systems to keep it safe and make it scalable. A free Anderson Technologies IT Assessment will identify where you are the most vulnerable and recommend the areas to address first, affording you the most protection and peace of mind.

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