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Our Expert Digital Archival Services Make Document Digitization Easy

Small businesses and organizations depend on Anderson Technologies for managed IT services and cybersecurity expertise. Protecting your data is our mission. In addition to our system administration expertise, we also have a division focusing on providing attention and protection to your historical data collections—Anderson Archival.

Our team of experts create beautiful document digitization collections from a wide variety of historical sources and conditions. Historical materials are carefully scanned, edited, read, proofread, and transcribed by our team. Digital archival services transform old books, loose papers, and important historical documents into searchable PDFs you can access at your discretion.

Each preservation project is highly personalized. We pride ourselves on catering to every client’s specific needs. Our work reflects the valuable history and data in your collection. The final product may be digitized for private use or shared with the world via a virtual library web application. With our digital archival services, these collections will stand the test of time, protected against decay, damage, or natural disaster.

Do you have a collection you’d like preserved with the precision and care you expect from Anderson Technologies? Visit our Anderson Archival website and contact us today for more information on how we can best meet your needs!

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