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Why Cybersecurity Matters for Your Business

The cyber threat landscape is ever-evolving, with new kinds of attacks emerging constantly to find new ways to steal what makes your business great. after experiencing data breaches or falling victim to cybercrime. Small to mid-sized businesses that don’t have the same resources as a household name company are at even greater risk of losing everything when—not if—cyber attack like ransomware befalls them.

Securing your business data now can keep you from becoming well-known for having your reputation permanently blemished by cybersecurity shortcomings, rather than for being the best in your industry.

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Our Approach to Cybersecurity

Located in St. Louis, MO, Anderson Technologies is a leading provider of tailored cybersecurity solutions for businesses here and across the US. We utilize cutting-edge technologies to audit and monitor your business-essential networks for proactive, comprehensive cybersecurity protection. Our team of cybersecurity experts acts as an extension of your own team, staying ahead of the latest threats and tools. Unlike other vendors, we commit fully to our core values to proactively guard your digital safety and find solutions that are the best fit for your unique business.

Client Insights, Quotes,
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Empowering Our Clients To Do Great Things

With Anderson Technologies, we have increased security for our data now, which makes me feel better. HIPAA laws are getting more strict, and there’s a lot more cyber terrorism than there used to be. There are reported incidents of dentists being targeted by cyber terrorists. I didn’t know that existed prior to them coming in to help us. Thanks to Anderson Technologies, now we are protected.

– M. E., D.D.S, Dentist, Dental Office

Our IT Cybersecurity
Consulting Specialties


Need an expert's eye view of your cybersecurity? We're up for the challenge.


Finding the weaknesses in your security posture could save you from future attacks.


Enhance user awareness and knowledge levels around phishing attacks, arming your team.

Work From Anywhere Remote Security

Extend your organization's security beyond your walls with detailed investigation and implementation.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Identify Network Strengths and Weaknesses

Comprehensive assessment of your internal and external network environments to measure and test your security efforts. Our team identifies flaws in your applications, networks, and data infrastructure, then we recommend methods of remediation to fortify any vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

Putting Your Security Posture to the Test

Remain compliant and reach your goals with discovery and testing of both internal and external network pathways. Cybercriminals take advantage of undiscovered weakness to access your company’s data and intellectual property, so we regularly test the security of your systems to ensure no vulnerabilities can be exploited. 

Surprising Facts about Cyber Insurance
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Phishing Simulation

Enhance User Awareness, Knowledge, and Security

Discovery consultation conducted by our team of experts, ensuring that the ins and outs of your requirements are covered, followed by a roll out of a phishing simulation to all users you select. Results will be monitored and additional training delivered to any users who fail the simulation. On conclusion, we’ll provide you with a report and additional recommendations.

Work From Anywhere Remote Security Discovery

Prepare for a Remote Workforce

Assess how well your current environment is suited to moving to a remote security infrastructure. Our team will determine the security, regulatory, and compliance requirements necessary for your industry, and recommend updates to your existing environment and form a plan for a remote workforce.

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Work From Anywhere Remote Security Package

Deploy Your Remote Workforce with Confidence

Securing a remote workforce has never been easier, but making sure every endpoint stays secure on the go requires specific implementation and monitoring. Let our team examine your environment and fine-tune access controls, web traffic, content filtering, mobile device management, MFA, and encryption.

St. Louis-Based
National Cybersecurity Company

Though Anderson Technologies serves clients across the US, we understand the specific challenges that St. Louis and midwestern businesses face. Cybercrime can disrupt essential services, create downtime and lost revenue, and permanently damage your business’s reputation. No matter where you are in the US, Anderson Technologies aims to prevent devastating cyberattacks before they can occur.

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Why Choose Anderson Technologies

True cybersecurity is proactive and constantly evolving, so it’s vital to choose the right partner who will always have eyes on your business. Anderson Technologies is dedicated to being the leading cybersecurity provider in the St. Louis area, and we have the credentials to prove it. Being named one of the Best IT Firms and/or one of the Best Cybersecurity Firms in St. Louis for the past 7 years is a testament to our team’s dedication and tireless work in providing state-of-the-art IT solutions to our clients.

A Free IT Assessment Can
Help You Identify Risks

Your organization is too valuable to not have modern IT systems to keep it safe and make it scalable. A free Anderson Technologies IT Assessment will identify where you are the most vulnerable and recommend the areas to address first, affording you the most protection and peace of mind.

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