Core Values

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Anderson Technologies Is Driven by Our
Core Values in Everything We Do

From business operation to company culture to hiring, we strive to always exemplify these qualities.
Golden Character

We are honest in all things, filled with integrity and unselfishness. We lead by example and express discipline, lack of ego, trustworthiness, and compassion. We treat others as we wish to be treated. We do what we say even when no one is looking – our word is our bond.

Detailed Excellence

We express attention to detail and recognize the value in developing and following systems. We consistently produce excellent outcomes in every aspect of our work and always look for ways to improve accuracy and efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Infinite Mindset

We believe in the limitless supply of ideas. Each of us possess the innate ability to be immeasurably great. We believe there is a solution for every challenge no matter how daunting it may first seem. With a sense of infinity and love for all, our lives serve as shining lights to defeat frustration and doubt.


Independently discovering a task or challenge to be addressed, we step up to find a solution without being asked. We always look for creative answers for the team, for the company, and for our clients. We are hard workers who strive to create productivity and learn something new every day.

Dedicated and Loyal

We are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a job is well done. We are loyal to our teammates and the company and enjoy this loyalty in return.

Humbly Intelligent

We possess bright intellects and humbly share our unique talents to all around. We strive to find creative solutions to challenges in a collaborative manner.


We find the silver lining in every situation and foster a positive outlook on work and life. We are “glass half full” individuals and know we will find a solution for every challenge. We are hopeful, expectant, joyful – grateful for the opportunity to help others conquer challenges together. We treat team members and clients with friendliness and warmth.

An IT Assessment Can
Help You Identify Risks

Your organization is too valuable to not have modern IT systems to keep it safe and make it scalable. An Anderson Technologies IT Assessment will identify where you are the most vulnerable and recommend the areas to address first, affording you the most protection and peace of mind.

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