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Care facilities and dental offices collect some of the most sensitive information about a person. This requires a robust, cybersecurity-focused IT infrastructure to protect patient data from cybercriminals looking to profit the off people who put their trust in you. 

Regulations, such as HIPAA, only complicate the process of building a secure IT infrastructure, especially for the novices in the IT world.  HIPAA regulations mean that what is sufficient security to a normal business may not meet IT standards required by law. Managed IT services can identify the gaps in your cybersecurity and create a remediation plan that works for your organization, all without hiring an in-house IT team.

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Free Beginner's Guide to HIPAA Compliance

Getting HIPAA compliant is a challenging process even when you understand everything about the rules and regulations within. For those dipping their toe into the HIPAA pond for the first time, it can feel completely overwhelming. Anderson Technologies wants to make the process easier with our free Get Hip to HIPAA guide. 

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Care Homes and Facilities

You Focus on Care, Let Us Focus on IT

Whether you’re looking after a patient every day or only for a short time, care homes and facilities are required to meet the same regulatory standards as doctors’ offices and hospitals. Even if you do very little active medical care, if you possess protected health information (PHI), you are still subject to HIPAA. Let Anderson Technologies find and fix the gaps in your IT.

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IT support for Dental offices

Dental Offices

Computers Need Preventative Care, Too

Dental offices need more than your standard data storage configuration to maintain their records. HIPAA and PCI regulations require all patient data to be secure, but figuring out what options are compliant isn’t always easy. Dental offices are also getting targeted more and more by ransomware attacks capable of crippling your entire business. With managed IT services, your computers will have regular checkups so any cavities in your cybersecurity can be caught and filled in before the problem gets worse.

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