Cybersecurity Training

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Training Is Your First
Defense Against Cybercrime

Today we are almost entirely reliant on technology like phones, computers, cars, banks, digital credit cards, smart home devices, and alarm systems. What’s frightening about all this convenience is how easily it can be hacked. Gone are the days when someone tries to break into your office to steal your private files or physically walks into a bank to steal money.

Cybercrime Has Become Highly Sophisticated

It’s no longer the stereotype of a teen operating from their mom’s basement. While this still makes up a percent of the cybercrime population, what we are really up against are professional, organized crime businesses that are part of an underground industry, and it’s paying off big time.

The number one cause of data breaches is employee negligence, with 92.4% gaining access via email. These cybercriminals don’t discriminate; they cast their net far and wide just to see what they can catch.

We want to help reduce the number of incidents of cybercrime by teaching your employees best practices and what to watch for.

We will come on-site or conduct a Zoom meeting for all your employees to educate them in topics like:

  • Password Development and Security
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Social Engineering
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Email Security
  • Physical Device Security
  • Viruses and Malware
  • Social Media
  • Remote Social Engineering
Meeting to Address Your IT Services Needs

We all need to do our part to reduce cybercrime, and this is our way of helping our community. If you are interested in this one-hour employee training, contact us via the form, by calling 314.394.3001, or sending an email to