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Professionals need to ensure that their data is kept in a secure IT infrastructure. Incomplete or poorly executed cybersecurity measures can lead to compromised trade secrets and proprietary designs. If you want the confidence of having a wealth of expertise available, partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) gives you the team of IT professionals that you need to keep the data of architects and engineers safe.

A Dedicated Team on Your Side

As architecture or engineering professionals, you know how important it is to have experts in the field doing the important work. Unlike when a small business hires an internal IT staff, a partnership with a strong MSP provides expertise in a variety of IT fields, meaning no matter what your problem is, we have the right person to fix it. There’s also no need to worry, there’s always someone ready to help you keep your proprietary data safe every day of the week.

Proactive Cybersecurity vs Reactive Cybersecurity

Recovering from a data breach can be frustrating, costly, and potentially damaging to a company’s reputation. Facing the damage is troubling enough without the realization that implementation of simple security measures could have prevented the breach. Bringing in IT professionals after you’ve already been attacked is a positive move for the future, but too late for the data that has already been lost. Architects and engineers can’t risk sensitive company data to be stolen or lost to ransomware.

The best way to prevent a security breach is to expect one to happen. In being prepared for a breach, Anderson Technologies can find the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and work with you to shore up your defenses against known venues of cyberattack.

We also take on the routine updates that can be missed or put off by busy employees. These updates are vital to cybersecurity. Bad actors use unpatched hardware and software to exploit known vulnerabilities. You can be certain all your updates are installed and protecting you.

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