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Technology has changed immensely since Anderson Technologies started 25+ years ago, but our core approach has always stayed the same.  Organizations come to us for these key principles, and they stay with us for our honest, committed approach to their technology needs. 

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Customer Service at Every Level

Our tight-knit team works hard to treat your needs with the utmost care. From onboarding to complex network architecture to the standard support call, you will know sincere professionalism and friendly service. There are no large corporate flow processes here—if you have a problem that needs solving, you won’t jump through hoops to get to the right person. We work collaboratively to ensure your issue is resolved as efficiently as possible.

Multi-Layered Cybersecurity

Your data is your company, and we take our job to protect it seriously. That means constantly researching and vetting the best technology so you don’t have to. Expect us to provide you with an unvarnished assessment of your IT infrastructure and a complete approach to providing cost-effective security—from network hardware to advanced anti-virus/anti-malware to cybersecurity training for your team and much more. Every layer is purposeful and critical to shielding your company from digital attacks.

True Technology Counsel

IT support is more than a help desk. With the ever increasing amount technology plays in shaping our day-to-day functions, it’s important to have a partner that truly understands your business, your needs, and your goals. Technology done right can revolutionize how your team works and provide the growth catalyst you need to take it to the next level. We are here to find those right pieces, to deep dive into the research required to determine which of the many solutions out there makes the most sense for you..

Proper Planning

There is no happy conclusion gained by underselling to win the bid. You won’t find that tactic here. While there are vendors that may deliver bargain basement quotes on sub-par hardware or try to lowball initial estimates only to pull a switch after it’s too late to change, the best long-term relationships are built on trust and honesty. We want to learn about your needs and provide the right balance between your budget and the technology that can deliver the performance to support your business goals.

Your Language, Not Ours

Tech can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be as complex and jargon-y as you think. Our team enjoys finding ways to communicate about your needs in your terms. If we can make a video or write up the steps needed to help you do your work—we’re here for it! Conversely, during the onboarding process, we strive to learn as much as we can about your processes. The more we can help one another understand how things work—from your side to ours or vice versa—the better we ensure your needs are met.

Golden Rule, Guiding Principles

This is our core. From the moment you select us as a partner to provide IT solutions, we will treat everything we do for you as if your business was our own. That means making smart investments on your behalf through the lens of technology experience and constant vigilance against cyberattacks. You will find a team committed to integrity, respect, and dependability on your behalf. We value your partnership and will work hard every day to cultivate it.

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