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While hybrid work solutions have become the new norm, many businesses still have a brick-and-mortar center of operations. How can you make sure your business is protected, even when you’re working from afar?

Anderson Technologies offers cloud video security management alongside cybersecurity monitoring to guard your physical business location, no matter if you’re located here in St. Louis or beyond. The reality is that some cybersecurity and IT vulnerabilities are grounded in the physical world rather than digital, so ignoring that element of your IT approach means incomplete protection.

Why Cloud Video Security Matters to Your Business

No matter what size or industry your business falls under, monitoring your physical premises as well as your technological one is a need that most business owners don’t realize they need until it’s too late. Even if you don’t have a constant flow of customers or vendors onsite, situations arise where camera footage offers the quickest and most accurate resolution.

Implementing cloud video surveillance is more than monitoring who comes and goes from your physical location. This solution focuses on keeping staff, vendors, and clients accountable, rather than watched constantly. Video security systems quell potential business concerns like theft, altercations, or other workplace issues. Also, some industries require video surveillance for insurance or compliance purposes. The legal implications of not having camera footage when you need it can be detrimental.

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With cloud video security management, you can view your company’s comings and goings all from the convenience of your everyday devices. A centralized, properly-configured hub consolidates all viewpoints and provides segmented access to certain employees.

Our Approach

Whether you’re located here in St. Louis or across the US, Anderson Technologies’ cloud video security management solution offers onsite assessments of your business environment to ensure the coverage of your cameras meets your needs. We install and configure the enterprise-grade hardware so that you have no surprises and can integrate with cloud portal solutions you already have in place. In addition to making sure the devices and cloud hubs are working perfectly, Anderson Technologies offers support and user training documentation to ensure everyone on your team can confidently navigate this security tool.

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