We love working with our clients and are grateful for the opportunity to provide outsourced IT support. Here are a few of their comments.

Words cannot express my gratitude enough for all Anderson Technologies has done for [us]. As a nonprofit care facility, our technology needs were vast. When Anderson Technologies stepped in to help, you and your talented, dedicated team brought us completely up to speed, and we now feel technologically safe, secure and in capable hands.

Network stability and security are now in place as well as a firewall. You all have been wonderful partners in problem solving as needed and saved us so much financially. Dropbox was also set up and organized by your team. This was a huge help in organizing all our confidential and organizational information.

What we most appreciate is how your team “knows” us and looks out for us. They respond quickly to our calls and have the big picture in mind. The team customer service is exceptional and we now consider them to be part of [our] family.

L.G.Executive Director, Nonprofit Organization

I regularly get messages from our staff about getting great service from Anderson Technologies and that your staff is so helpful and friendly. “For the millionth time, thank you for hiring Anderson Technologies…. [The team member I spoke with] quickly solved my problem, explained what I should do if it happens again, asked if there was anything else he could do to help me, and then thanked me for calling. Really – it’s quite remarkable how nice they are.” Thank you.

T. D.Office Manager, Non-Profit Organization

As you know working from home has it’s challenges even more so given the current situation… We have to give you and your team credit for building, maintaining, updating the infrastructure and providing the support when we needed it. We have been extremely busy and the last thing we wanted was any disruptions. Everything worked flawlessly. We look forward to the years ahead.

J.S.Owner, Architectural Firm

Anderson Technologies, Inc. exhibits a sincere willingness to really listen to the unique needs of technology users and to implement the right solution(s) in a timely and cost effective way.  Mark and his associates will not quit until the job is complete and all systems are functioning correctly.  Total satisfaction is their only standard. On a personal level, we have known Mark and Amy for well over 10 years and can vouch for their high sense of integrity and good citizenship. Based on our experience, we are very pleased with the quality and level of service provided by Anderson Technologies, Inc. and strongly recommend working with them.

C.T.Principal, Financial Firm

We feel like the luckiest clients in the world to have the technology back-up that we have with Anderson Technologies.  We get so much more for our money—more knowledge and a broader spectrum of expertise than we could ever get if we were to hire just one IT employee.

[Anderson Technologies] was able to find us a much less expensive option that still achieved what we need.  Mark really cares about solving the problem and giving you what you need, without any preconceived notion. He listens and, at least for us, he’s had options for us to consider and has always been super, super helpful.  His is a company that is just run on honest principles.  They just want to serve the client… they are such buzz words, but it’s true.  You’re getting dependable service from people that actually care… websites, networks, databases, they can do it all!

A.M.Board Member, Nonprofit Organization

Computers have gotten a lot more complicated, so I’m glad Anderson Technologies is here. Things are a LOT more reliable now than they ever were.  When they come in, they truly FIX the problem.  It’s a long-term fix. It’s not like a “band aid” fix where they just slap more wires on it. They actually take the time to look at it and figure out what the actual issue is and correct the issue rather than just the symptoms of the issue. That’s the big difference I’ve seen from what other companies do.

With Anderson Technologies, we have increased security for our data now, which makes me feel better.  HIPAA laws are getting more strict, and there’s a lot more cyber terrorism than there used to be. There are reported incidents of dentists being targeted by cyber terrorists.  I didn’t know that existed prior to them coming in to help us. Thanks to Anderson Technologies, now we are protected.

M.E., D.D.S.Dentist, Dental Office

Each and every employee at Anderson Technologies always exhibits the utmost professional conduct and excellent work ethic in all areas of business, whether it pertains to a computer question or something as basic as a billing question. It is obvious that Mark and his staff truly care about their customers and the type of work they produce.  I would highly recommend Mark and his staff at Anderson Technologies, Inc. for any and all computer needs, systems and network administration, and special project services.

J.B.Finance Manager, Technology Provider

[Anderson Technologies] is responsive, diligent, and truly cares about its clients.

J.K.Office Manager, Non-Profit Organization

We are a small company, but we still need quality service and support from our IT vendor. In the past, we weren’t getting that, but that has completely changed since we partnered with Anderson Technologies. They are responsive and professional, and they go above and beyond to secure the best, most cost-effective solutions to our IT challenges.

M.S.Executive Director, Organization

As former Director of Product Development at CoreExpress [a network service provider], I contracted with Anderson Technologies to provide IT resources to aid in the development of our marquee network management product. I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of both the IT staff and the company.  I would highly recommend their services to any business that is looking to outsource their IT services.

T.G.Vice President, Software Development, Technology Provider

I’m so grateful for Anderson Technologies. It’s a relief to know that we have such professionals on our team. They have made my job so much easier, saving us time, upgrading our technology and tightening our computer security levels.

Anderson Technologies is always so professional and committed to finding a solution as quickly as possible. I talk to the same two people every time, so they really know our organization and our needs. They are a great rescue service when we get stuck on something—so kind, so knowledgeable, very thorough and detail-oriented. They are my favorite vendor.

V.H.Administrator, Nonprofit Organization

As project manager for a large, mission-critical development effort, I contracted Mark and several Anderson Technologies experts on this project beginning in 1994.  Mark provided critically needed technical systems administration expertise for the development and production support of this multi-million dollar application that received best in class industry recognition.  Additionally, Mark’s integrity, professional yet amiable style, and terrific sense of humor added significantly to the key contribution he provided as an integral part of our high performance team.  The other personnel from Anderson Technologies that I acquired during the project shared these qualities and provided significant value to the team.

I have been extremely pleased with the personnel and performance from the experts at Anderson Technologies and highly recommend them for future Information Technology needs.

G.W.Vice President, Systems Manager, Telephony Provider

There are a lot of people out there, but you can’t trust just anybody with your computer information.  While your dentist keeps many of your secrets…well, your computer person does, too! We were so happy to find them. We knew we had a problem but we didn’t know how to go about finding someone to help us. Everything they do is so competent; they know what they are doing!

J.E.Business Manager, Dental Office

In IT, you’re totally exposed to whoever comes in, so trust is paramount.  Anderson Technologies is a trusted resource—we can trust them completely.

J.B.Director of Client Development, Financial Firm

This is written with great thanks for the way your company operates.  I have worked with a handful of people within your organization and found each one to be very professional and efficient!

S.W.Administration, Manufacturing Firm

The process of creating a website with Anderson Technologies was really easy. They made it that way! Seeing it launch was really exciting and even better than we thought it would be.

K.V.CEO, Operations and Marketing, Engineering Firm

It is nice knowing you have an IT partner that has your back. I can’t imagine life without that, or without Anderson Technologies.

D.R.Director of Operations, Manufacturing Firm

I just want to say that [the Anderson Technologies] team has been fantastic throughout [the COVID-19] crisis in dealing with all the requests and needs that we have had over the last couple of weeks. I can always count on whatever request I have to send you that it will be taken care of. You all have been great from answering the phones, to routing our calls and emails, to getting the task done.  We are all still working from home and only because of you.

T.D.Office Manager, Non-Profit Organization

[The Anderson Technologies] team has been very helpful during this time. I have been working with [a System Administrator] these past couple days trying to get set up to work from home and get my scanner up and running. He has been extremely patient and kind during this transition.

L.M.Employee, Tax Firm

Anderson Technologies is awesome. They managed to get our entire firm up and running remotely in four days. Thank you, AT! We wouldn’t be up and running, helping our clients, without you!

K.B.Partner, Law Firm