Announcing Our New Partner

Anderson Technologies welcomes our new partner, Farica Chang

Anderson Technologies and its division Anderson Archival is pleased to announce that our Director Farica Chang is now a partner in the company, becoming partial owner and Principal along with Founding Principals Mark and Amy Anderson.

This exciting news signifies her long-term dedication to the firm. “This is the fitting next step in my commitment to Anderson Technologies and its future,” Farica says. “Working with Mark and Amy for over ten years, we’ve built a company that puts our principles first—focused on providing clients with quality service and dedication to their needs. I have faith in our organization and my team members. I know we all care deeply about each other and the work we do.”

After graduating with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2008, Farica returned to her hometown to work for the Andersons in St. Louis, Missouri. After only three months as a contract worker, she was promoted to full-time project manager. “Farica is filled with initiative,” Amy Anderson states. “Farica has always had an ownership mentality and is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver excellent results.” An avid learner, she was part of the inaugural class of Harvard’s first computer science certification offered on edX, followed by MIT entrepreneurship classes as well as professional cybersecurity certification from the esteemed technical institution.

“The bar Farica sets for herself and the team is exceptional,” Mark Anderson says. “We are blessed to have Farica’s talents, commitment, gifts, expertise, care, work ethic, dedication, customer focus, and highest standards of quality. She is principled, honest, and fully expresses the values we have set for the company.”

By investing in Anderson Technologies, Farica attests to the longevity and commitment Anderson Technologies has to its employees and clients. “My work continues to be one of the critical pillars in my life after family,” Farica says. “I love what we do—supporting our clients and helping them solve challenging technical issues every day. To have the privilege of working with such talented team members and organizations is a blessing I do not take for granted.”

Congratulations, Farica!

To learn more about Farica’s background, credentials, certifications, and contributions to our company, she invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn: