The Business of Family Business: Anderson Technologies

Mark and Amy at KMOX with Dan Bean and Kevin Short
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By Founding Principal Amy Anderson

A few weeks back, Mark and I were honored to be guests on the radio program and podcast “The Business of Family Business,” hosted by Carol Daniel, retired KMOX news anchor. If you happened to be listening to the St. Louis radio station KMOX on December 23, 2023, this is old news!

The program highlights family businesses from all around St. Louis, and we were honored to participate.

We spoke with Carol (as well as CMA Consult’s Dan Bean, and Kevin Short of Clayton Capital Partners) about our relationship, entrepreneurship, and the core values that impact everything we do in both our personal and business lives.

Anderson Technologies’ clients and friends may find this interview to be especially interesting, as we share a story about recovering one of our clients’ systems without them even knowing.

While many of our Anderson Technologies’ clients have experience working with Mark, many more have been impacted by our CEO, Farica Chang. As I share in the interview, “Farica is one of our crown jewels. She’s going to serve as a bridge to the next generation by coaching and mentoring them. And when we’re talking about going from Generation One to Generation Two, she’s actually named as part of Generation Two. Farica shares our Core Values. She’s not blood, but she’s basically family.”

In this interview you’ll also hear Dan and Kevin’s feedback on our transition planning, including our current partner Farica Chang, as well as our daughter, Hadley Grow, her husband, Corbitt Grow and potentially our son, Luke Anderson.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast, click the button below.

And if audio isn’t for you, check back for a full transcript of the podcast!