Concierge Computer Services: The Solution to “I Love New but Hate Change”

The Need for Change can be difficult

The dichotomy between computers and human behavior defies logic. Everyone wants the fastest CPU and the latest and greatest apps, but adjusting to something new is often disconcerting. We like knowing where everything is on our desktop and having our settings “just so.” While we get excited about upgrades and the prospect of “newer,” “faster” and “better,” we do not like the process of upgrading because it often wipes out our customized settings and account information. Even in a program suite as familiar as Microsoft Office, new software versions introduce seemingly minor features that make everything feel foreign.

The solution? Anderson Technologies’ Concierge Computer Services.

This service is for clients who want to implement new technology with the least impact and keep everything as close to “the same” as possible. It’s the utmost in customer care – a labor-intensive service eliminating the frustrations typically associated with an upgrade.

One of our longstanding nonprofit clients recently purchased new computers for every employee in their organization. Their existing systems’ useful life had been extended for as long as possible (see related article I Need More Speed!), necessitating an upgrade. We provided them with additional services outside of our standard Managed Services package. In addition to standard new computer setup and configuration, we downloaded, installed, and customized all third-party software (several hundred apps in total); promoted local-user accounts; mapped network drives; personalized individual user environments; restored all internet browser favorites and settings; relinked email accounts; and reestablished all cloud, printer, and remote connectivity connections.

Mark Anderson explains, “Our goal was to provide each employee with a new computer platform that is so similarly configured to their original machine, the only thing they notice from the transition is how much faster everything runs.”

The client is thrilled with the new computers and  with the service provided by Anderson Technologies. The company did not want their employees struggling for weeks to get their computers back to “normal.” They saw this as an investment in employee productivity that created a seamless computing environment. Their Executive Director recently said, “They have very high standards. When you’ve worked with others that don’t seem to maintain those high standards, you know the difference. With Anderson Technologies, you’re buying technological peace of mind.”

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