Byte-Size Tech: Firewalls and Your Internet Connection

All About Firewalls

Corbitt and Hadley of Anderson Technologies walk through the features and benefits of firewalls. What does this essential piece of a network actually do? What common internet problems could be solved by proper configuration? If video isn’t for you, click the green button below to read our Learn page on the same topic. And if […]

3 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Firewall

Is your firewall effective in keeping things out?

Is the mess of cords and cables in your server room weighing heavy on your mind? Whether or not you rely on a managed services provider (MSP) to keep your IT systems organized and in check, you have a responsibility as a business owner to understand the hardware that keeps everything running. Misinformation about firewalls […]

Hardware Firewalls Strengthen Cyber Security Protection [Updated for 2018]

Firewalls st louis

Does your organization or small business have a firewall? The answer is “yes,” right? If you use the internet, you’ve got to have a firewall! Don’t computers come with them? Our 2017 audit of St. Louis small businesses found that, while most of the businesses and organizations we surveyed did in fact have a hardware […]