Data Security: Just How Secure Will Your Business Be in 2016?

St. Louis IT Company Data Security

This question plagues all businesses large and small, and as we roll into a new year, it’s a good time to think through the most up-to-date data security solutions.

Spyware, viruses, malware, ransomware–these are just a few terms that constantly make headlines as hackers continue to find new ways to steal client data.

You may be saying to yourself, “Wait, my data is in the cloud, so I don’t have to worry about security, right?”

The answer is actually found in the responses to the following additional questions, “Are the devices I’m using to access my data secure?” “Are the passwords I’m using complex enough?” and “Is my network as protected as it should be?”

The bottom line is this: while cloud data solutions offer robust security, they do nothing to secure the physical devices you’re using to access the data.

This is why hackers today are putting far more effort into compromising the devices you use on a daily basis. They know that if they can gain control of the device, they have a window into everything else you do.

So if nothing is truly 100% secure, how do you best protect your business? Here are a few actions you can consider right away:

  1. Implement data encryption to add an additional layer of security to your files, regardless of whether they are located locally or in the cloud.
  2. Use a modern, business-grade security solution to protect all of the devices accessing your data. Don’t assume your security software is current and updated; audit it on a frequent basis or contact Anderson Technologies about our security solutions.
  3. Execute a backup strategy covering all of your important data that offers reliable, flexible restoration options regardless of where the data is located. Remember, just because your data is in the cloud doesn’t mean you are 100% covered. In fact, many cloud storage providers state cloud storage is NOT intended to replace a traditional backup solution in the case of disaster recovery.
  4. Know where your data is located. This may sound basic, but so many people save data to multiple locations and lose track of it over time. It’s critical to establish sound policies and habits about where data is saved so it can be found and retrieved easily, as well as audited to confirm it’s actually being backed up successfully.

If you would like help implementing more robust data and systems security for your business, Anderson Technologies is here to help! Having a partner who understands the importance of securing your computer infrastructure and who is as concerned about keeping your business-critical data as safe as you are will give you peace of mind. Whether it’s in the cloud or on your premises, we are dedicated to providing the best security solutions for you.