Our IT Company Rings the Bell for Small Business

Last week we filmed our video submission for the Morning Bell for Small Business campaign to honor our IT company and the many businesses we help to achieve IT goals. Sponsored by Chase for Business, the Morning Bell celebrates small businesses across America, and each day a different business is featured.

Each business has their own bell and their own unique way of ringing it, but only we will be ringing a 108-year-old bell hand-cast in London at the same foundry as Big Ben and the Liberty Bell. Originally a present from Mark to Amy on their 25th anniversary, this bell is the perfect symbol not only for this campaign but for the IT company they’ve built together.

View our video submission above and be sure to check out our blooper reel at the end of this post!

Casting the Anderson Bell

To begin the story behind this amazing anniversary present, we have to take you back to when it was first cast in 1908 at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the oldest manufacturing company in Britain, established in 1570. Originally commissioned for a parish church in Norfolk, England, the bell is tuned to an F note and bears the inscription “We praise Thee, O God.”

It’s in the making of the bell that we find its meaningful significance. As Mark explained at their wedding anniversary, “A bell that’s made out of proper bell metal, not just brass, consists of two complementary metals forged together. One is copper and one is tin. When these two metals are combined in the furnace and turned into a bell, the properties of the new alloy allow it to be a little bit soft, have a very mellow wonderful tone, and makes it last forever. Literally if you kept a bell outside for eternity, it would stay the shape of a bell while developing a beautiful patina. If you just had a pure copper bell, it would sound horrible and would be too soft. If you had a pure tin bell, it would sound horrible and would be too brittle, and if you struck the bell, it would shatter. But the two metals combined—some softness, some brittleness—together they make this wonderful object.”

Making Anderson Technologies

Like this everlasting bell, our company remains steadfast in large part to its many complementary strengths. Each trait and each team member helps make our IT company successful. When Mark has a well-researched idea for the future, Amy finds the practical course to accomplish it. When Amy is driven to deliver in a timely manner, Mark makes sure the company’s work not only meets the client’s expectations but is done to the very highest standards.

Differing backgrounds, Mark in system and network administration and Amy in software development and project management, create effective collaboration. It’s what turned Anderson Technologies from an idea started in a spare bedroom into the company it is today. Together Mark and Amy, along with a talented team, are dedicated to providing effective solutions to clients through honesty, integrity, and the technical knowledge needed to solve your IT challenges.

We love the opportunity to ring our bell, and we invite other small businesses to do the same. If you submit a video, let us know so we can celebrate your small business, too.


Video Bloopers

Enjoy these funny outtakes of our filming efforts late on a Friday!