Network & Computer Audit for a Small Organization

Order vs Chaos and a Network Audi

“We feel like the luckiest clients in the world to have the technology back-up that we have with Anderson Technologies,” says A.M., Executive Director of a small, nonprofit Christian Science nursing facility.

When Anderson Technologies first became the organization’s information technology (IT) advisors, the nonprofit was at wit’s end with its technology. Through the proprietary Network & Computer Audit process performed for each new client, Anderson Technologies thoroughly reviewed all of their needs and introduced systems to help their business run more smoothly almost immediately.

What is a Network & Computer Audit?

It begins with a comprehensive discovery phase to identify faults and weaknesses and learn exactly what a network requires to become stable and efficient.  The Network & Computer Audit involves a detailed evaluation of all network components – from servers and workstations to firewalls, routers, and wireless access points. Each device must reliably fulfill a specific business need.

A.M. says, “We limped along until Anderson Technologies was able to help, and we’re deeply grateful because they brought us into the next century. . . . Mark was able to help us with wireless [internet], lay computer lines, and get computers set up . . . with the programs we needed—everything from A to Z.

“[Anderson Technologies] basically set up every computer to create consistency with programs, system recovery, [anti-malware] scanning, memory disks, and setting up the whole system for that.  They also did a network map for us, which includes wireless access points, jacks, and ports, so now we have a map of where everything is!”

The nonprofit originally thought they needed to spend $20K-$30K for new server infrastructure. Instead, Anderson Technologies was able to recommend a much less expensive cloud-based option that serves the same purpose on a much more manageable scale.

As a small nonprofit, the budget is carefully allocated to the most pressing needs. They were thrilled to find a cost-effective IT solution that freed up their budget for other important projects. Through Anderson Technologies, Peace Haven found how cost efficient IT can be.

Do you want to stabilize your infrastructure so you can focus on your top priority needs?