Protect Your Castle: A Multi-Layered Cybersecurity Defense Strategy

Farica Chang

By Managing Principal Farica Chang

Imagine your business as a majestic castle, standing tall on a hill. Its walls, moat, and towers protect the treasures within—the data, systems, and sensitive information that keep your organization running smoothly. Just like a castle, your IT infrastructure relies on layers of defense to thwart cyber threats. Mark Anderson has used this example for years, and we love finally being able to share it with the world in this animated form.

Just as a castle’s defenses work together, your cybersecurity strategy should be multi-layered. By combining firewalls, access controls, encryption, and vigilant monitoring, you create a fortress that withstands the digital siege.

Check out this quick sound bite from our latest webinar that brings home how all the components of a multi-layered cybersecurity defense strategy come together to secure your organization. And whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a curious novice, embrace the castle analogy—it demystifies cybersecurity and empowers you to protect your digital realm!