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While it seems “everything is moving to the cloud” these days, it’s clear many St. Louis business owners are unclear about exactly which cloud services they should tap into and which they shouldn’t. Should everything be moved or are there security and access requirements that would dictate a hybrid approach? Let the cloud consulting experts at Anderson Technologies develop a cloud computing plan for you!

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Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business?

Not long ago, a server room of expensive equipment was the only option for storing data, but not anymore. While we understand clients are cautious when adopting new technology (especially when it comes to keeping data secure), we believe cloud computing can help businesses on multiple fronts. When well-planned, migrating team members to virtual servers and fully utilizing cloud services has many benefits, including:

  • Cost efficiencies stemming from paying for only what you need
  • Capability to scale your cloud computing needs up or down as demands fluctuate
  • Universal access to cloud services, allowing geographically-disperse and travelling team members to share, store and access files anywhere in the world
  • Redundancy in storage provides peace of mind that your files will not be lost

With cloud computing, company files and applications are accessible whenever and wherever you or your employees need them. These can be accessed from any device with an internet connection (workstations, laptops, tablets, or even from their mobile phones).  Your team members are no longer limited to one physical location and can access information and programs from the office, home, while traveling—anywhere.

The cloud enables users to have at least two copies of their data—a local copy and a copy in the cloud. That means a device failure is no longer a problem—files are immediately available by logging into the cloud environment on the internet and can be synchronized back to the new hardware from the cloud copy.

Cloud Storage Service Provider Keeps Things Working Smoothly

But which cloud services do you need? Let Anderson Technologies conduct an IT audit, assess your particular technology needs, and recommend the right resources to meet your budgetary restrictions, security requirements, and computing demands.

The demand for cloud computing technology is growing, and our cloud consulting expertise continues to grow with the industry. Whether you need cloud-based backup services, cloud-based file-sharing products or cloud-based monitoring and anti-virus protection, we’ll recommend a plan that meets your needs and your budget.


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