IT Consulting

Not every business can afford a dedicated in-house IT team to take care of their computer needs. That’s where Anderson Technologies can help with expert IT consulting. St. Louis may be our home, but secure remote access allows us to diagnose and resolve your problem anywhere in the country. Our team of experts provide the best IT consulting St. Louis offers, having worked on large, multi-million dollar solutions that leverage enterprise-level technologies as well as many smaller projects. Anderson Technologies can assist your company with a broad spectrum of IT services, some of which include—

IT Company is the missing piece
  • Managed IT Services
  • Cyber Security Consulting and Firewall Management
  • System and Network Administration
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Hardware and Software Specification, Acquisition, and Installation
  • Cloud Consulting
  • Reliable Data Backup Management
  • On-Site and Remote Support
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Services
  • Wireless Network Configuration and Management
  • Secure VPN Connectivity
  • Email Management
  • Custom Software Design, Development, and Support—including Websites
  • Voice Over IP Telephony Solutions

A Few of Our Core Offerings

Managed IT Services
We have several fixed-fee service plans that help even out your anticipated computer costs and accommodate a wide range of system needs and different budget levels. We offer tiered IT service plans that provide the exact support you need from professional IT consultants in St. Louis.  We know every business is unique and requires different levels of service and support. Learn more…

Cyber Security Consulting and Firewall Management
With threats from hackers, viruses, and malware compromising computer systems worldwide, every business needs a well-implemented, up-to-date cyber security system with hardware firewalls. Firewalls provide enhanced IT security to protect your technology from attack, blocking unauthorized access while still allowing legitimate users access to the systems and data necessary to perform their jobs. They are an essential part of any properly designed cyber security protection plan. Get knowledgeable IT consulting from St. Louis-based Anderson Technologies.  We perform an infrastructure analysis at the start of every new client engagement. Learn more…

System and Network Administration
Technology is central to your business’ success, and your system administration needs to be top-notch. Your IT systems must work exactly as you need them to. Have inexperienced system administration technicians patched one problem only to introduce another? “Duct-taped” IT systems could be disastrous for you at a critical time in your business. Don’t leave your systems to chance; let our St. Louis IT consultants ensure you have a comprehensive, industry-standard approach to all your IT needs. Learn more…

Disaster Recovery Planning
As St. Louis IT consultants with rivers throughout the area, we know a thing or two about flooding. Computers and water don’t mix well, and when flooding is predicted, business owners need to be aware of potential damage to their critical computer systems. If there is a chance you may find your business in this situation, we have the tips for you to create a Disaster Recovery Plan to protect your business’s precious data and equipment. Learn more…

Hardware and Software Specification, Acquisition, and Installation
Our IT consultants can evaluate your current systems, make recommendations on the best solutions for your specific needs and, if necessary, purchase and install the right new equipment for you. Sometimes our clients prefer to purchase equipment themselves but appreciate advice regarding what options are “nice to have” versus “have to have.”  Learn More…

Engage our IT consultants in St. Louis to help optimize technology to meet the demands of your business.  Whether frustrated by hassles and glitches or looking for a trusted partner to provide business IT support and configure your systems for growth, call Anderson Technologies at 314.394.3001 to find enlightened IT solutions for all your computer challenges.

Contact us today for a free consultation for any and all of your IT consulting needs!