Remote IT Support

Offsite monitoring, collaboration, and IT solutions

Are you struggling to find a trusted local IT partner you can depend on? Many companies frustrated with their IT are choosing an exceptional remote IT partner over a poor-quality local vendor. The last few years pushed the global tech industry ahead—and changed minds about how much can be accomplished over an internet connection. Even Anderson Technologies’ local clients receive the majority of their support remotely!

How Does Anderson Technologies Provide Remote IT Support?

The IT field has been operating in a virtual space long before the world discovered just how much they could experience from home. Remote support using automated software and monitoring is a more efficient solution than IT personnel in every office performing manual checks of equipment. Instead of keeping technicians onsite to troubleshoot, IT providers and MSPs thrive using a suite of virtual tools, Zoom check-ins, step-by-step instructions over the phone, and onsite man-hours reserved for when they are truly needed.

A Remote IT Solution

If you’ve only worked with onsite IT in the past, it may be hard to envision what remote IT support may look like for your business, but the truth is, needing a technician onsite every day is now a thing of the past. Often the only necessary elements to a successful remote IT partnership are a point of contact and an internet connection.

Is Remote IT Support Available in Your Area?

Anderson Technologies works with clients across the United States. Partnering with Anderson Technologies means you join our satisfied remote clientele with a 100% contract renewal rate. Experience tried and true IT services that we’ve been successfully using across the country to keep our clients protected.

Collaboration and Teamwork Mark Our Partnerships

Tested Remote IT Support System

Still curious what remote IT support looks like on a day-to-day basis? With our client-first approach, the Anderson Technologies team will make sure you are informed of every step of roll-out and daily operations. Here’s what our remote partnership could include:

Proactive Remote Monitoring and Access

Remote access means that an expert can remote into your computer solve your problem the moment you submit a service ticket. Our remote monitoring software will mitigate the immediate threats on your network, helping to resolve issues and shore up defenses without interrupting your day. Automated monitoring triggers alert the Anderson Technologies team to an issue, so it can be fixed it before the problem impacts any users.

Smart Hands

Companies with an internal IT staff, co-managed IT, or only one onsite team member can benefit from remote IT support from an MSP using a smart hands approach. Even a minimally tech-savvy internal staff member who knows computer basics can function as “smart hands” with one of our experts on the other end of a phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom. Images, videos, and real-time instruction not only help you get issues resolved quickly but are also an opportunity to gain more personal confidence in the systems that keep your company running.

When you think you need a person onsite, we often just need a point of contact who is comfortable pointing a camera at wires and following instructions. You’ve got smart hands!

Onsite Installation and Support

Our experts can travel to you to install any hardware and network infrastructure. Quarterly or annual onsite visits can be scheduled ahead of time when necessary and practical for your company.

Local Vendor Partners

If your IT network needs urgent or emergency attention from an onsite expert, we partner with a trusted and vetted local vendor to have experts there when you need it. These verified local partners answer to us and meet our rigorous standards of security, documentation, and dedication.

A hybrid approach to working from home

Ready for Exceptional Remote IT Support?

No matter where your organization is based, if you’re looking for security, proactive monitoring, and a team that focuses on the solutions you need, give us a call today.