I Need More Speed! Can Managed Services Help?

Technology Speed Managed Services

We are an impatient nation.

Advances in technology and our fast-paced lives have changed us permanently. When we see the spinning wheel or hourglass icon telling us the computer is busy, we sigh, we growl, we consider smashing the computer against a wall. Who has time to wait more than a few seconds for something to load on the computer?

Before you rush off to spend thousands on newer, faster computers, consider these four things Anderson Technologies Managed Services can do to optimize your current computer’s performance:

Delete Temporary Internet Files and Clear Your Browser’s Cache

When you visit different sites, pieces of data get written to your computer to optimize performance or track your browsing activity. When you move from site to site, a little trail of data “crumbs” gets left behind, which uses space on your hard drive. Clearing out these temporary files can speed up your computing times.

Defragment Your Drive

When your computer writes data to its disk, pieces of information that ideally should be grouped together often get separated or “fragmented.” This causes the CPU to take a longer time to find and knit together all the fragments of information needed for a particular task. The older the system, the more dramatically fragmentation impacts the computer’s overall performance. Defragmenting your drive reorders segments to improve computing times.

Delete Unneeded Files and Applications

The longer we own our computers, the more “stuff” we put on it. The more data you have on your hard drive, the longer it takes for your computer to find what you need to access. Do you really need all those rough drafts of your reports and presentations? What about your unused applications? Delete them if you can! In addition, an Anderson Technologies Managed Tech Services plan can help clients regularly clear out redundant files that get created during the course of normal computer operations.

Consider Adding RAM

How much memory does your computer currently have? How much could it have? Adding additional memory is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your computer. The process involves specifying, ordering, and installing new RAM sticks to your computer. Please note: Unless properly trained, you should not perform this yourself as there is potential for harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can ruin your computer’s motherboard or other components if not installed properly! Computer professionals use ESD straps to ensure the safety and integrity of your computer throughout this type of upgrade.

If your computers need to last another year and you are frustrated with slow run times, let the experts at Anderson Technologies help. Give us a call at 314.394.3001, and have our Managed Tech Services specialists breathe new life into your systems!