Byte-Size Tech: What Does Successful Onboarding Look Like?

Ryenn Gaebler of the Client Success team at Anderson Technologies identifies what makes a successful onboarding process, and what you can expect from Anderson Technologies!


Ryenn Gaebler: Hey, everyone, thank you for tuning in. This is Ryenn Gaebler with Anderson Technologies’ Client Success team. A lot of people have asked recently exactly what we mean when we say that we have prescriptive onboarding for our clients, so I wanted to pop on here and just share a little bit about what that looks like from our perspective.

Each client that we bring on, we tailor an onboarding process to them. It’s a twofold process where there’s obviously going to be the technical onboarding because, after all, we are an IT firm.

But aside from that and making sure that the client is up to speed on who is going to be doing what and when, and they have a complete understanding of the schedule of events that’s going to happen after they sign on with us, we also have a partnership kickoff call with the client success team. And that is not a technical call whatsoever—that is all about the business aspect of the partnership. What are some goals of the company over the next few years?

IT affects everything, so depending on what they have planned for the next one to three years, that could end up being a major project that we have to get involved in. Also, we talk about short term goals, why they signed on with us in the first place. Of course, we get a lot of that information already from the sales team, but we’d like to verify the information that we have and then add on to that as necessary. That way we can establish milestones and expectations and things like that so there’s really a true partnership there, not just a vendor relationship. You have the initial partnership kickoff call, then we’ll do a 30 day call after that to make sure that everything was set up to their satisfaction and so far that we’re on track.

From that point, it really depends on how much they’re needing from us. We might have to have monthly calls, maybe it’s a quarterly customer objective review, but either way, we make sure that we stay in touch regularly so that they always have insight into what we are doing for them and the value that we are bringing to their company.

If anyone has any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I am happy to chat. Thank you so much for watching.