The Client Success Approach: Bringing the People Back to Tech

the client success difference
Ryenn Gaebler Client Success

By Client Success Manager Ryenn Gaebler

Tech support sometimes gets a bad reputation for being less than personable, to put it kindly. 

In my experience, businesses outside the tech field tend to look at their IT staff or managed services provider (MSP) with some level of exasperation. Either the technician misunderstands what issue you’re having and you’re left dealing with the same issues day after day, or you can’t get through to a tech at all because they’re too busy to keep up with every problem that needs solving. Even worse, you get the feeling that your IT partner is simply slapping expensive Band-Aids on your technical issues without considering what’s really going to be best for your business in the long run.

As you can imagine, being an organization’s IT managed services provider takes a lot of work. But one thing is for certain: our clients do not need to be burdened by every minute detail or feel the need to micromanage the technicians involved in their projects. Overcomplicating the process only breeds chaos and frustration, which can hurt both sides of an IT partnership.

Anderson Technologies hears you, which is why we’ve adopted the Client Success philosophy.

Client Success helps us meet our clients where they are and assist them in the journey of growing their business, without the tangled wires of poorly communicated goals and concerns.

During recent conversations with clients, I’ve been told how refreshing it is to have a main point of contact with their IT partner. Other MSPs use a ‘solution-centric’ approach to their technology. In that model, the bits and bytes take priority over the actual humans on the other side of the screen. This makes sense when you consider just how much of IT is problem-solving on the fly and understanding the purpose of every tool, program, or configuration needed to make your business’s technology run smoothly.

Hard drives and computers are not who benefit from our expertise; it’s you, the people and businesses, who need support.

As a client success manager, it’s my job to be our clients’ advocate from the moment they sign on with us and onward. I want to know about you. What brought you to us in the first place? What changes or improvements do you hope to achieve over the coming weeks, months, and years of our partnership? It’s important for me to gain a top-down understanding of your business and the goals you’re working toward, even if they seemingly have nothing to do with IT. I want to help you network or problem solve so you can achieve the success you deserve.

Successful businesses require efficient systems, reduced downtime, razor sharp employees tuned in to the latest cybersecurity threats, and confidence in knowing your data is safe in today’s virtual battleground. This is where Anderson Technologies would like to take you.