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For companies in St. Louis, ransomware is quickly becoming a growing danger to all kinds of businesses. From city libraries to small firms, anyone can be a victim of ransomware in St. Louis and elsewhere. Worst of all, ransomware can cause extended downtime and lost income. Thankfully, for Anderson Technologies based in St. Louis, ransomware is just another cyberthreat we can help you prevent or recover from.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware encrypts valuable digital files and demands a ransom to release them. Though commonly delivered through an email attachment, new versions bypass the need for individuals to click a link by injecting malicious code on legitimate websites and taking advantage of unpatched software and hijacking your IT infrastructure.

Ransomware Removal

For many, the first time ransomware appears on your radar is the day it affects you directly. Ransomware can shut down your business and hold your data hostage until the perpetrators receive what they want. Ransomware is not invincible though. The expert service of Anderson Technologies’ IT professionals can help you recover lost data and restore you to working order without surrendering to the criminals’ demands. Whenever possible, Anderson Technologies looks to isolate the issue and provide the virus removal St. Louis companies need to protect or restore your vital business data. We have found that even after an attack has been launched, it may not be too late to intercept it, so call us right away.

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Ransomware Prevention

Ransomware removal is not the only option in dealing with this cyberthreat. You can protect yourself both before and after a ransomware attack by following best practices for ransomware prevention. If you’re worried about the damage ransomware might cause, Anderson Technologies offers a number of services to mitigate downtime in the event of a cyberattack or other disasters, including robust backup options for complete data restoration in the event of a ransomware attack. Ransomware prevention is about knowing your business’ needs and designing solutions to meet them. Our knowledgeable team can prepare your business before a ransomware attack occurs.

Ransomware Protection After an Attack

Not everyone is prepared before ransomware strikes, but with help from our team in St. Louis, a ransomware attack doesn’t have to be the final word. After we’ve assisted your business with ransomware removal, our IT experts can assess the vulnerabilities that led to the attack, take steps to secure your hardware and software, and create a disaster recovery plan for your business with the goal of shielding you from future threats. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan can significantly reduce confusion and downtime after an emergency. It is a key component of any IT security plan and critical to ransomware protection for your company.

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Whether you are looking for ransomware protection BEFORE it happens, or ransomware removal and data recovery AFTER you’ve been attacked, let the calm, level-headed, knowledgeable experts at Anderson Technologies bring the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business and the vital data you work with every day will be protected.