IT Security Audit Reports

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IT is complex; understanding your network and security is not an easy task. Businesses continue to evolve, and organizations are utilizing new technology as a driving force in all aspects of operations. An IT security audit report allows you to understand how IT powers your business to thrive.

Are you 100% confident in the state of your IT? Whether you partner with a managed IT company or handle it yourself, it’s time to stop wondering and get the answers you need.

With our 360 IT Blueprint, we perform a comprehensive IT audit of your infrastructure, security, helpdesk support, and disaster preparedness to take stock of potential vulnerabilities. The 360 IT Blueprint analysis provides you with an easy-to-understand report that drops all the tech jargon so you can see for yourself what’s really going on with your technology.

Audits are useful in pinpointing lingering trouble spots, like outdated infrastructure or the cause of sluggish computers. An IT security audit report can also reveal hidden problems—or provide the assurance you need that all is as it should be.

Ready to learn more about our IT security audit reports? This video dives into the process, reporting, and what can be done with the information learned.

Baseline audit report

Our 360 IT Blueprint is divided into quadrants that examine the key areas of infrastructure, security, managed support & services, and telecommunications, and utilizes a weighted scoring system that combines results into an overall IT audit score.

Whether you have existing IT support or nothing at all, this report will help you understand where your business’s IT needs improvement.

Ready to remove the mystery from IT? Schedule your IT audit today.

What Does Anderson Techologies' IT Security Audit Report Include?

Server & Cloud Data
System Updates and Patching
Disaster Recovery
Password & Screenlock Policy
Line-of-Business Software
Business Continuity Plan
Server Health
Data Breach Liability

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