AEC, Large Files, and a Huge Cloud Success

Moving Mountains for our Clients

By Principal Farica Chang In the ever-evolving world of business, companies continually face new challenges that demand innovative solutions. Much of the professional services world quickly pivoted to working from anywhere over the past few years with cloud-based file services like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Dropbox. Left behind were AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) firms whose large […]

Spoiler: A Successful Network Migration

Client Success Story

By Account Management Lead Corbitt Grow When it is time for a network migration, tensions can be high. Horror stories of down time, frustration, and buyer’s remorse abound. Anderson Technologies recently completed a SharePoint migration for one of our long-term clients, a deep-value investment firm, and their Head of Business Operations was kind enough to […]

IT You Can Trust

IT Client Success Story

By Client Success Manager Ryenn Gaebler *Names have been changed in accordance with our commitment to privacy and security. When you’re looking for a firm to help you manage your finances, trust is paramount. The same rule applies to the firm you choose to help with your IT. How can you be sure the machines […]

Life Is Too Short to Rely on a Broken Computer

IT Client Success Story

By Client Success Manager Ryenn Gaebler *Names have been changed in accordance with our commitment to privacy and security. What areas of your business hide behind the barrier of “how it’s always been done”? We hear this sentiment so often it might as well be a small business calling card. Small or family-owned businesses can […]

Time to Make a Change

IT Client Success Story

By Client Success Manager Ryenn Gaebler Finding a firm that values the same things you do is the only way a business partnership can be successful in today’s corporate landscape. If your company’s core value is providing the highest quality product in the most sustainable way possible, a partner with the same goals can be […]

The Client Success Approach: Bringing the People Back to Tech

the client success difference

By Client Success Manager Ryenn Gaebler Tech support sometimes gets a bad reputation for being less than personable, to put it kindly.  In my experience, businesses outside the tech field tend to look at their IT staff or managed services provider (MSP) with some level of exasperation. Either the technician misunderstands what issue you’re having […]

Growing Together: Looking at a Long-Term IT Partnership

IT Client Success Story

What will your relationship with your managed services provider (MSP) look like in 20 years? As technology continues to leap forward, it can be difficult to imagine what business technology will look like in a year, let alone twenty! What values lead to a lasting MSP partnership? To explore this question, we spoke with one […]

Virtual Landscapes: IT Support from Afar

IT Client Success Story Over the last year, organizations in every industry have learned the value of adaptability. Seemingly overnight, business lunches and water cooler chats were replaced with Zoom meetings and virtual desktops in home offices. Connecting with someone across the world now requires the same amount of effort as connecting with someone from the office you […]

Byte-Size Tech: Recovering from a Hack Can Be Pricy

Don't let a breach blow your budget

Libby Powers and Ben Fairbanks of Anderson Technologies dive into a recent new client’s story. This non-profit struggled to deal with a hack of their former server and needed a comprehensive IT solution in one vendor. Now, with a solid foundation, they know their data is protected. Related Reading What Is Managed IT Services? Good […]

Good Sports: Partnering with an MSP after a Disruptive Hack

IT Client Success Story Even if a hack doesn’t bring operations to a screeching halt, the impact has ripples that affect productivity, effort, and an organization’s approach to cyber security and IT. After suffering a breach of their legacy server, a sports nonprofit based in Pennsylvania reached halfway across the country for the right solution. “At the end […]