Updated for 2022! Our Most Popular Ebook

Is your business one click away from disaster? When it comes to cybersecurity, your defenses are only as good as your employees. Even a well-meaning click could provide network access to cybercriminals. What can you do about it? At Anderson Technologies, we know the importance of employee training as a vital part of your business […]

MFA – An Extra Layer of Digital Protection [Updated for 2022]

Dog on a laptop

What do logging into Netflix from a new device, updating your PayPal account information, answering questions about your first car before accessing your iTunes account, and withdrawing money at an ATM all have in common? Authentication! The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) creates guidelines for passwords and the software that requires them, which […]

Moments With Mark: How I Got Started

Mark Anderson Systems Administration

https://vimeo.com/696953376 In the first of our new series, “Moments With Mark,” Founding Principal Mark Anderson shares how he went from a history major to the roots of what would become Anderson Technologies. If video isn’t for you, the transcript is below. Related Reading Threads of Connection: An Interview with Mark Anderson [Anderson Archival] Learn: What […]

What Is Your Data Worth?

What is your data worth?

Is your undivided attention worth the price of a movie ticket? Is the convenience of a mobile app worth the information and behavior it tracks? Technology is more reliant on data than it’s ever been. Whether it is gathered through surveys or automated tracking, data drives business and technology. If huge chunks of data can […]

What Ingredient Is Your Cybersecurity Sandwich Missing?

By Founding Principal Amy Anderson When was the last time you had a great sandwich? Not just any sandwich, but a truly divine sandwich: The right amount of crunch, spices, and condiments. Every flavor balanced and complemented perfectly by the other ingredients. Each bite singing with all your favorite tastes. Your business’s cybersecurity should be […]

Byte-Size Tech: Wired vs. Wireless

https://vimeo.com/665321931 Mark Anderson and Ryenn Gaebler of Anderson Technologies walk through a comparison between wired and wireless network connections. Stick around to the end because Mark has some tips for optimizing your wireless speeds, stability, and security. If video isn’t for you, click the green button below to read our blog on the same topic. […]

Scams for the Holidays

By Content Specialist Marcia Spicer Ah, the winter holidays. Traditionally a time of joy and celebration, but more often a time of stress, spending, shipping, scrambling to cover time off, and, yes, scams. Unless you’re fascinated by them like I am, getting scammed is probably the last thing on your mind at any given time. […]

Byte-Size Tech: What Does an IT Security Audit Report Cover?

A 360 Audit Reveals IT Gaps

https://vimeo.com/647813247 A walk through our IT audit process, and how it helps you gain knowledge, perspective, and control over something that affects all areas of your business: your IT. Ready to Request an IT Security Audit Report? Click Here Related Reading Byte-Size Tech: 360 Audits Provide an Unbiased Look into Your Cybersecurity Infrastructure Talking Network […]

Byte-Size Tech: You’re Invited to a Webinar that Contains Your Secret Weapon

Amy and Ryenn Webinar

https://vimeo.com/648716465 Thursday, Dec. 16, Ryenn Gaebler of Anderson Technologies and Eric Torres of Datto will sit down for a 30-minute educational conversation about your secret weapon in the war against cybercrime. Learn about the latest threats and real-world solutions to protect yourself. Plus, there’s a chance to win a $500 gift card! And you’re invited. […]