Does it feel like you and IT experts sometimes speak different languages? At Anderson Technologies, communication and understanding are two key focuses of our work. We are committed to educating our clients and the public regarding the best practices we recommend, guides to tech-y topics, and tips to keep your network secure.

Below, find our helpful guides to IT, managed services, and all of your technological needs.

  • What Are Mobile Security Best Practices?

    The modern office isn’t limited to the walls of your building.

    Perhaps in the past, it was possible to limit IT protections to desktop computers located inside a secure building, leaving you sure your data and processes were safe from attack. That is no longer the case…

  • What Are the Biggest Mobile Security Threats of 2020?

    Even before the unprecedented shift to working from home in early 2020, increased usage of laptops, tablets, and smart phones for business and organizational applications has increased the number of attacks designed for and focused on mobile devices. Mobile devices, now more than ever, contain business-critical, sensitive, and confidential data.

  • What Does a Firewall Do for a Network?

    There are two types of network security firewalls: hardware firewall and software firewall. While most people have used a software firewall, which is a program that is installed on a single workstation that protects the machine from within the network, your primary defense should actually be a hardware firewall. Like the fire wall that protects your office building, this is a physical device that is programmed to stop a threat before it even gets into the network.

  • How to Protect Your Data from Ransomware

    As ransomware continues to penetrate companies through more sophisticated means, many businesses are looking for answers for how to protect their data from ransomware attacks each and every day.

  • Comparing Mobile OS

    Ask someone which mobile operating system (OS) they prefer (or don’t) and it might feel like something out of Star Wars: a battle between the light side and dark side, with both claiming to be the Jedi. In actuality, Android and iOS are closer to being neighboring planets arguing in the Imperial Senate. Each are powerful, competent versions of what is essentially the same thing, with different features and priorities for different users, and, between the two, they are dominating the mobile OS universe. Despite this duopoly, there are a few rebel OSs out there challenging the status quo. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between the two big mobile OSs available, and the small companies trying to break into the mobile marketplace.

  • What is Phishing?

    Phishing is a cybercrime tactic that lures users into clicking bait disguised as something trustworthy, usually within emails. The result often causes the computer to download malware from unprotected or fake websites.

  • What Is Managed IT Services?

    Managed IT services helps business owners to outsource IT management. Working with a managed services provider (MSP) is an alternative to hiring full-time IT staff or managing your own IT. Managed IT services is also a proactive alternative to engaging “break/fix” services, where the outsourced IT personnel show up only when something is going wrong—often terribly wrong—and when it’s too late to save the hardware or data.