Here’s Where You’re Going Wrong with Data Management

By Principal Farica Chang Business operations feeling sluggish? It might not just be the market—inefficient data management practices could be silently draining your company’s productivity and profitability. Many organizations don’t realize the extent to which outdated or poorly structured data systems are affecting their bottom line. From unnecessary risks in security to missed opportunities for […]

Are You Ready for SEC Rule 10?

a man holding a pencil and a long paper with check marks

Public and private companies in the financial services industry face an ever-growing number of external influences and pressures around good business practice and regulation. Two of the most critical are the mounting expectations to keep people and data safe and the scrutiny of regulators that exist to protect the assets of the industry. The SEC […]

9 Signs Your Smart Device Has Been Hacked

Smart device on a desk

As smart devices are becoming more popular and convenient in every facet of our lives, they also pose some serious security risks to be aware of. Hackers target these smart devices to access your personal information, spy on your activities, or cause damage to your home or workplace. Often the dangers of smart home devices […]

5 Ways the New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements Will Impact Your Business

Lock graphic for security

Whether or not it’s on your radar, cybersecurity is paramount for businesses across the globe. As technology advances, so do the threats. In response to the growing sophistication of cyber threats, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has introduced new cybersecurity rules and best practices. These new requirements are set to significantly impact businesses […]

New Year, New Threat: Emerging Technology Threats to Watch Out For in 2024

Alert on a computer screen

Not all technology is benign. The rapid pace at which technology is evolving brings new opportunities and challenges for businesses and individuals alike, but some innovations can pose serious threats to our digital security, privacy, and safety. The global cost of a data breach last year was USD $4.45 million—an increase of 15% over the […]

Diagnosing the Ransomware “Problem” [Updated for 2023]

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Day after day, new stories of ransomware shutting down companies and governments fill our news cycle and often end with million-dollar ransoms being paid to cybercriminals. The threat of ransomware can feel overwhelming. How should business owners keep this terrible problem from attacking them? What if the answer to that question was to stop focusing […]

AI: Are We Planting the Seeds of the Robot Uprising?

What is artificial intelligence?

Computer technology moves at a blazing pace. Blink once and the world of tech steps forward a light year. Blink twice and suddenly what was once cutting edge is now commonplace. No day is the same in the tech world as the standards, methods, and products constantly change and improve. We’ve written previously about how […]

Meet Windows 11: Your Next OS

Windows 11 Bloom

After its first release in October 2021, Windows 11—Microsoft’s newest major release—is starting to gain traction. Most new machines come with it pre-installed so you may already be running Windows 10 and 11 side-by-side in your organization. Is it time to update your business’ operating system (OS) from Windows 10? Let’s break down some of […]

SoPhishTicated Attack: An Analysis

credit card hooked

By Founding Principal Mark Ian Anderson In July, one of our general business inboxes received the email below. Initial review gave the recipient some pause, but there was enough legitimacy to prompt further investigation. Here’s a breakdown of what I looked at and the conclusion I came to. First, let’s review some items in this […]

Learn: What Is MFA and Why Do I Need It?

What is MFA or 2FA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as two-factor authentication (2FA), is now the industry-standard solution for keeping your accounts safe—and for good reason. It feels like every week there’s another report of a data breach exposing thousands or millions of usernames, passwords, and other personal identifiable information (PII). If you’ve ever reused a password, multiple accounts could be […]