Busting Business Email Compromise

Stop Business Email Compromise

In cyber security circles, Ubiquiti Networks, manufacturer of wired and wireless network devices, is infamous for more than their products. Over a period of 17 days and 14 wire transfers in 2015, $46.7 million was transferred out of Ubiquiti’s coffers to criminals’ bank accounts based on a made-up acquisition in an elaborate Business Email Compromise […]

Rightsizing Now and for the Future

Rightsizing and Downsizing Your Business

COVID-19 has changed the way people live and do business, so it’s more important than ever to take a step back and assess the needs of your company. Do you have too many computers for your employees, or not enough? What products and services are you paying for each month? Whether you need to streamline […]

The Ultimate Guide to Secure Remote Work [Updated for 2020]

The ultimate guide to secure remote work and telework

With the coronavirus in the news, more businesses than ever are considering whether telework is a viable option for their company and employees. But with new cyber threats and data breaches constantly reported, business owners have to ask themselves, How do I maintain my cyber security when my employees work remotely? Whether you have one […]

HIPAA Part 6: Plan for the Worst

HIPAA guidelines help you to plan for the worst

No one likes to think they’ll suffer a disaster, a ransomware attack, or a data breach, but hope isn’t enough to satisfy HIPAA. The question is no longer if something will happen, but when. HIPAA expects you to plan, prepare, test, and be ready for anything that could disrupt the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of […]

Talking Network Security Audits and More: An Interview

IT Client Success Story

What makes your business special? This is probably one of the first questions anyone will ask about your company—your IT vendor included! Nobody knows your business better than you, and learning what goals and values drive your company is an important step in the Anderson Technologies discovery process. When a potential client reaches out to […]

Small Business for Small Business: An IT Partnership

IT Client Success Story

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you might recall that we’ve written about Anderson Technologies’ avoidance of canned, one-size-fits-all solutions for IT. As a small business that specializes in serving other small businesses, we know that different clients have different needs. What works best for a small local nonprofit organization might cause more […]

SKY’s the Limit for Website Development

SKY Investment Group

How Anderson Technologies Helped SKY Investment Group Reach a New Audience Have you Googled yourself recently? If you own a business or oversee the marketing of one, an internet search is the first step in evaluating your company’s online presence. Social media marketing and web search optimization can be researched and learned. Functionality and ease-of-use […]

5 Tasks to Tackle: Prep Your Business for 2019

Make your new years' resolution to up your tech game

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your small business for 2019! The end of the year is a busy time. Small businesses especially need to have a plan for growth in place well before the New Year. Taking detailed stock of your operations helps uncover improvement opportunities and provides ideas.  Our “5 Tasks […]

How 5 Critical IT Issues Are Compromising YOUR Business

User Frustrated by Critical IT Issues

Are you sure your company’s IT technology is efficient and secure? In a recent study of St. Louis small businesses, Anderson Technologies found common technology problems. While not all apply to every business, it’s important to be aware of IT issues that could one day strike your company. It’s also best practice to evaluate your […]