Cyber Security Training for Employees: What Does Common Sense Mean?

Cyber Security Employee Training

The new year is here, and a useful resolution for every small business is training employees on how to stay safe online. Many small businesses rely on their employees’ common sense when it comes to password creation, email threats, and avoiding unsavory websites, but what exactly is common sense in cyber security terms? Someone untrained […]

The Surprising Ways an IT Consulting Firm Can Help Improve Your Business

IT Consulting firm

IT consulting is a catchall phrase for partnering with tech experts to solve an IT-related business challenge. Let’s take a look at the pivotal role technology consulting can play for a small business. People often think of IT services as a way to help mitigate cyber crime and ensure their business technology runs smoothly. That […]

Is Your IT Services Company Taking You for a Ride?

Is your IT Services Provider Wasting Your Money?

Technology can be complicated, which makes assessing your IT services challenging. It can be hard to determine if you are paying too much or investing in unnecessary IT services. St. Louis IT company Anderson Technologies provides tips to ensure your business spends its hard-earned money wisely. It’s easy to overpay for IT services. St. Louis […]

Quotables: Should Small Businesses Invest in IoT? (Clutch)

Internet of Things IOT Small Business

Click Here to Read the Full Article In partnership with Clutch, a leading technology research and consumer review company,  we recently published a guest article about IoT for small businesses. Are you in need of expert IT consulting?  Anderson Technologies is a St. Louis IT consulting firm that specializes in system administration for small businesses.  […]

Encryption: The Small Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

Encryption Small Business

With small business cyber crime on the rise, business owners need to do everything they can to protect themselves and their data. Here’s how encryption can help.   Encryption is a way to secure your data, either while it is stored on a system or device, such as a hard drive or smartphone, or while […]

Is Your Company Wasting Marketing Dollars? The 7 Billion Dollar Ad Fraud Problem

Marketing Digital Advertising

Too often, advertisers pay for digital ads that weren’t actually seen by a human. Here is what your small business needs to know before investing in paid digital marketing.  Digital marketing encompasses the tactics businesses use to raise awareness about their offerings and drive sales online, from social media advertising to search engine marketing to […]

What Your Small Business Custom Software Vendor Isn’t Telling You

Custom Software Vendor Small Business

It’s time we address the common misconception that using a cloud-based software solution is enough to keep a small business safe from rampant cyber threats. Custom software is big business. Software vendors develop digital solutions specifically for niche verticals, from dental practices to dog kennels to accounting services. Small businesses use these products to manage […]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Small Business

There are reasons why more and more businesses are opting for managed IT services, as opposed to break-fix—reasons that include proactive management, cost-savings, quality, breadth of service, and peace of mind. As small business dependence on technology increases, so must the focus on IT-related issues. Most companies cannot function without reliable, secure internet and computer […]

Quotables: How to Increase the Digital Health of Your Business (ReadITQuik)

Increase the Digital health of Your Business

Click Here to Read the Full Article We recently published a guest article about how to increase the digital health of your business on the technology news website, ReadITQuik. Mark Anderson shared some of his expert IT consulting advice with recommendations of immediate actions to help protect your business. Are you in need of expert IT consulting? Anderson […]