Build a Small Business Website That Exceeds Expectations

Website Development Small Business

The right web development partner can help bring your vision to life and show you ways to make it better. A company website is an important representation of your business and a mark of credibility. It’s a resource for potential clients who want to learn more about your offerings and a way to generate new […]

The Small Business IT Checklist for New Hires

Small Business IT Checklist Hiring Process

Make sure your new employees are productive from day one by checking all the boxes on this IT to-do list. Finding and recruiting the right talent is one of the most challenging and crucial components of running a small business. Once you’ve welcomed new members to your team, it’s important that they can hit the […]

If the Presidential Election Could Be Hacked, So Could Your Small Business

Cyber security of elections

It sounds like a scene from a Hollywood thriller. A nefarious foreign entity hacks the 2016 United States presidential election, tampering the results to ensure their favored candidate takes the highest office of the free world. But truth is stranger than fiction. Just as no corporation is immune from cyber crime, neither is the government. […]

Our IT Company Rings the Bell for Small Business

Anderson Technologies Rings the Bell for Small Business

Last week we filmed our video submission for the Morning Bell for Small Business campaign to honor our IT company and the many businesses we help to achieve IT goals. Sponsored by Chase for Business, the Morning Bell celebrates small businesses across America, and each day a different business is featured. Each business has their […]

The Single Biggest Threat to Small Business Security: Zero-Day Threats

Zero Day Threats Are A Type of Cyber Attack

If you don’t know something exists, it’s hard to protect against it. Therein lies the challenge of zero-day threats, the technical term for cyber threats that capitalize on previously unidentified software vulnerabilities. Developers in all industries are skilled at creating “patches” of code to correct vulnerabilities in their software once they’ve been identified, but cyber […]

Network & Computer Audit for a Small Organization

Order vs Chaos and a Network Audi

“We feel like the luckiest clients in the world to have the technology back-up that we have with Anderson Technologies,” says A.M., Executive Director of a small, nonprofit Christian Science nursing facility. When Anderson Technologies first became the organization’s information technology (IT) advisors, the nonprofit was at wit’s end with its technology. Through the proprietary […]