Byte-Size Tech: Internet Provider and IT Provider Not Playing Nice?

What happens when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and MSP can’t agree on what’s wrong, or who should provide the solution? For a non-profit we spoke with, the solution was a managed IT services provider who could get to the bottom of things and get the job done.


Libby Powers: Hi there, Libby Powers with Anderson Technologies. Something that I wanted to quickly share with you is an issue that we recently saw regarding internet and your current IT network. So, we are talking with a local non-for-profit agency. They really came to us because they were having so many issues with their internet. They kind of felt like the middleman between their internet service provider and their managed services provider for their IT, because one was blaming the other, and you know how that goes.

At the end of the day, we kind of discussed with them some of the things that we were seeing as far as issues in their network. When we presented those findings to them, they were really dumbfounded with some of the things that their current managed service provider wasn’t doing for them, or not updating so that they could have a good internet connection. A lot of it had to deal with their current network.

So if you are having internet connection [issues], it may not be your internet service provider. It very well could be because of something going on in your network. But working with a true partner, that is going to really investigate the internet as well as your network, is going to be important to make sure that your employees or your clients, whoever’s coming to you and either you know streaming or using Zoom or you’re in a call, it’s really important to make sure that your managed services provider can kind of go to bat for you with your internet service providers. Make sure your managed services provider is going to bat for you with your internet service provider so you’re not having to be the middleman. If you have any questions, let us know. Have a great day.