Happy Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude

Signing the Mayflower Compact

Last Saturday, Amy and nine members of the Anderson family gave a presentation to the Missouri Mayflower Society. Mark directed AV while Amy created content and coordinated with family members. In preparation, they reviewed quite a bit of history and continue to be inspired by the lives of these resilient and tough people we know as the Pilgrims.

The Pilgrims had a bold plan with small odds of success based on Jamestown losing 70 of 108 settlers during their first winter in 1607 and 440 of 500 settlers the next. All other attempted European settlements of North America had failed. Their conviction God called them to pursue freedom to worship was exceptionally strong.

When they reached Cape Cod on a cold November day, they determined that in order to survive the frigid and desolate American wilderness, they must work together. The Pilgrims drafted and signed the Mayflower Compact, a document that ranks with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in importance to our country’s history. This compact specified a civil government with elected officials and was key to their survival. Considering their lack of food and adequate shelter during that first brutal New England winter, it’s no surprise half of them would be buried before spring. Without the peace treaty with Massasoit and the help of the Native Indians—who taught them how to successfully plant crops in this new land—it’s unlikely they would have survived at all.

As we reflect on this history, we are filled with gratitude for the freedoms and opportunities we have today. It is a pleasure and privilege to help each of you in your organization. The American spirit of working together lives on.

Happy Thanksgiving!