Happy Thanksgiving from the Andersons (2022)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Andersons, and all of us at Anderson Technologies.


Mark Anderson: Hi everyone. Amy and I are here in Queeny Park in the middle of St. Louis County. You can see behind us a gibbous moon. It’s not full, though it would have been neat if it was. We just really wanted to share with you gratitude from our hearts. 

Amy Anderson: We’re really thankful for our wonderful clients, and we love our work family. We wouldn’t be the company we are without our amazing employees.  

Mark: That’s absolutely right. We’re really, really grateful for the infinite supply of ideas that really help us to protect and preserve what matters most to you. 

Amy: That comes from one of our core values, which is infinite mindset. I think it’s my favorite. And we also recognize that every business has the ability to be immeasurably great. We’re just here to support that. 

Mark: At this time of year we are especially thankful because we’re reminded of the sacrifices that our ancestors made to help establish the freedoms that all of us get to enjoy now in this country.

Amy: Actually, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. We wanted to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy this special time of year. 

Mark: Bye everyone. We’re so grateful for you.