Webinar: Level Up Your Cybersecurity Stance

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Financial Services: Level Up Your Cybersecurity Stance: Going Above and Beyond the Baseline

The live webinar has concluded but the recording and transcript are available. Sign up below to gain access.

To understand how to protect your business from the latest cyber attack vectors, you need insight into requirements for financial services firms and why you should implement more than the minimum requirements. This webinar takes a look at a real client example, and will help keep you abreast of the number one threat vector worldwide.

Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson, Founding Principal

Join Founding Principal Mark Anderson in this value-packed session to learn about current cybersecurity requirements, and what it really takes to keep financial services firms protected.

In this session we will discuss:

  1. The current cybersecurity requirements for financial services firms
  2. Why you should implement more than the minimum requirements
  3. A real client example of a leveled-up cybersecurity posture
  4. Updates on the #1 threat vector worldwide

Mark Anderson is an IT strategist and one of the Founding Principals of Anderson Technologies, a managed IT services company in St. Louis. Mark began his career as a software engineer in the Avionics Laboratory at McDonnell Douglas before transferring to IBM. In 1995 he helped found Anderson Technologies and initially consulted for SBC Communications (now AT&T). Almost three decades later the firm manages client IT infrastructure in 28 different states.