Byte-Size Tech: Employee Training Can Make Or Break Your Cybersecurity

Training Can Make Cybersecurity Work Mark Anderson and Libby Powers chat about the importance of employee training when it comes to your business’s cybersecurity. Even the most protected network is vulnerable when bad actors are unwittingly given access. Libby shares a personal story of getting phished, and the consequences of a single click. Related Reading Free Ebook: Cybersecurity Business […]

Learn: How to Identify Phishing and BEC Emails

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Read More About Phishing and BEC Emails Email is fast-paced and an essential part of work communication. It is also one of the biggest vectors for cyber threats. How can you sort the scams from legitimate emails?

Don’t Take the Bait: Securing a Remote Workforce

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With the increase in employees working from home, a comprehensive cyber security plan is imperative now more than ever. Remote access to your business’s network, especially from personal computers and devices, is a weak link in your cyber defenses. This makes the need for comprehensive employee training essential to your cyber security plan. One successful […]

Working from Home Due to COVID-19: Keep Your Company Data Protected

Working from your digital home

Over the past weeks, we’ve worked with many of you to add or increase your work-from-home capabilities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This move not only helps keep our coworkers safe but also our families and the greater community. As our team burns the midnight oil to do our part, our thoughts and […]

Learn: What Is Phishing?

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Learn all about phishing and how to prevent your employees from clicking on a dangerous lure in Anderson Technologies’ new phishing explainer. What Is Phishing?

Infected? A New Phishing Attempt for 2018

Don't pay the ransom!

Even managed service providers receive scam emails and phone calls. These serve as a reminder that education on phishing, scareware, and ransomware is an ongoing process, one that even IT experts need to stay sharp on. But let’s assume you aren’t an IT expert. How can you best determine the validity of these messages and […]

Are You Ready to Go Phishing?

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Phishing and spear-phishing emails are an ever-present problem to businesses, and the criminals are only getting better at fooling people. Understanding and being able to spot phishing and spear-phishing emails is a vital part of employee training at Anderson Technologies. But reading about how to spot them and actually spotting emails are different things. Worse yet, […]

When Phishing Strikes: The Tool Your Business Needs When Cyber Criminals Succeed

Caught by a clever phishing attempt?

Email-delivered threats have increased drastically over the last few years. Even businesses with enterprise-level email services and employee training can fall victim to creative manipulation. To battle this, Anderson Technologies offers a solution that protects email when other systems fall short. The Incident Imagine turning on your work email to find a message from your […]