Meet Windows 11: Your Next OS

Windows 11 Bloom

After its first release in October 2021, Windows 11—Microsoft’s newest major release—is starting to gain traction. Most new machines come with it pre-installed so you may already be running Windows 10 and 11 side-by-side in your organization. Is it time to update your business’ operating system (OS) from Windows 10? Let’s break down some of […]

Quotables: Why We Must Leave Windows 7 Behind (VAR Insights)

VAR Insights

Click Here to Read the Full Article A timely recommendation from Anderson Technologies’ Farica Chang provides education and advice regarding the January 14, 2020 Windows 7 End of Life date. A few thousand dollars spent now is better than tens or hundreds of thousands demanded by ransomware and the loss of confidence your clients in […]

End of an Era: Saying Sayonara to Windows 7

windows 7 end of life windows 10 upgrade

January 14, 2020. Today marks the end of an era. As of today, Microsoft no longer offers support for its Windows 7 operating system. If you’re still hanging on to outdated hardware running Windows 7, you’ll no longer receive updates, attack countermeasures, and security patches. Your Windows 7 machines—and entire network—will be vulnerable to new […]

Quotables: Windows 7 End of Life (E-Commerce Times)

malware - ecommerce times

Click here to read the full article! Mark Anderson’s expert advice is featured in E-Commerce Times, providing context for the upcoming Windows 7 End of Life date. The most visible threat to an unpatched OS is ransomware planted on your computer or network in an effort to extort money for returning your data. If you’re […]

Downtime Lifeline: One Law Firm’s Battle with Outdated Tech

IT Client Success Story

When companies, non-profits, or entire city governments find themselves victims of cyber crime, it can feel like they’re frozen as the world moves on around them. This feeling, to a lesser degree, might also come as you’re sitting in front of your office computer every morning, twiddling your thumbs waiting for it to boot up […]

Countdown to Windows 7 End of Life on January 14, 2020

windows 7 end of life windows 10 upgrade

While the world celebrated the New Year, Microsoft enjoyed their own major milestone as Windows 10 was finally declared more popular than Windows 7.  Previous iterations of the Windows operating system couldn’t sway many Windows 7 corporate holdouts (Windows 8 and Windows Vista, for example), but for several years Windows 10 has demonstrated the stability […]

Six Reasons Not to Perform a Software Upgrade

St. Louis Company Software upgrade

When should I upgrade my software? What do you do when the notice comes to update? Some blindly click “OK.” Others ignore update messages for months on end. Some now-wary computer users have horror stories about how their digital lives came to a screeching halt for several days due to glitches associated with a software […]

Windows 10 Is Coming

windows 10

This Tuesday night at midnight eastern time, Microsoft will release Windows 10. While there appears to be many great features and updates, it is our policy to fully evaluate such programs before upgrading.  We’ll be evaluating this over the next several weeks, but we’ve already read that the operating system contains problems with several video drivers. As […]