Don’t Showcase Secrets on Zoom

What are you sharing on Zoom or Social media?

After a year of video conferencing, we’ve all heard the horror stories. From video filters you can’t turn off to having private conversations when you’re not muted to unintentionally flashing everyone in a work meeting, the tales are usually embarrassing and often a funny story for all involved when it’s over. While these video failures […]

Byte-Size Tech: Don’t Get Zoom-Bombed!

Don't get Zoom Bombed at your next meeting Mark Anderson and Libby Powers chat about Zoom best practices and share the story of a client who recently got Zoom-bombed after posting the details of their call publicly. Zoom has some security features baked in, but be sure to toggle them and use the tips Mark and Libby share to ensure you have […]

5 Tips for Security-Conscious Zooming

Don't get Zoom Bombed at your next meeting Last year when the COVID-19 pandemic restricted our ability to connect in person, we all became very familiar with the video conferencing software Zoom. No one could have predicted that a significant chunk of business in 2020 would be conducted through webcams and video calls. Schools, universities, and businesses have chosen Zoom out of […]