Byte-Size Tech: A Costly Mistake

Libby Powers with Anderson Technologies knows what it means to have to scramble after kids—and coworkers—when they make mistakes. Partnering with a company like Anderson Technologies could prevent you from coming back from a holiday to realize your business has been hacked. Don’t let simple mistakes be the opportunity criminals need.


Libby Powers: Hi there, Libby Powers with Anderson Technologies. I wanted to share a little story with you, and I’m sure you all can relate. I have a two year old dog, and I have two young children at home. That dog knows that as soon as the kids make a mistake, he gets to reap the rewards, whether that is dropping food from the table, or if it’s opening the gate, or opening the front door and he gets out and is running amok in the neighborhood. So that’s exactly what happened this morning. My kids opened the garage door while we were trying to get out to camp and get to work and all this stuff. And what do you know, there goes the dog shooting out the door. So then that leads to my son standing in the front yard, screaming and crying because he thinks that a car is going to hit the dog. Then my daughter is literally screaming at her top of the lungs, running after my dog. And you know what he’s doing, he’s even running further down the street trying to get away from her.

And so, needless to say, this morning was crazy and hectic. That’s exactly what cybercriminals want. They want your employees’ day to be hectic. Also, they want the path of least resistance. So a lot of times, what they’re going to do is send you or send those employees an attack or something through their email or their phone or text messages or something like that, because they know that those employees might not have the time to think before they do something—kind of like my kids. What you need to do is really make sure that you guys have your cybersecurity buttoned up so that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen to you. What happened over the Fourth of July weekend to so many business because of this ransomware attack was horrible. You don’t want to be on vacation and come back to work on that Monday and know that your data was completely stolen or hacked because you don’t want to come back from vacation or a weekend, and know that over the weekend, your data or your network was hacked because of something that a busy employee did because their kids are running around running amok in the background. So if you need help with your cybersecurity and your network and your backups, make sure you’re reaching out to a trusted it advisor to help with that. Have a great day. Bye.